Help for Nube

Hello all.

On the advice of a fellow gym member I have joined this site.

Heres the deal.

Going to gym off and on for about 4 months. More off than on. Problem is…Im confused.
My routine is as follows
5-10 minute on treadmill to warm up
1 round of the cirquit training
30 minutes on bike
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

I am trying to do the free wieghts but I have no routine and frankly Im probably wasting my time as it is all hap hazard.
where can I fine a program for those days.

My goal is to drop weight and get some muscle happening but not over doing it. I just want to be toned and not embarrsed in the summer at the lake.

Oh ya…I want to be able to look down and see floor…not gut!

39 yrs old
212 lbs

suckin gut in, to get into 36" waist pants…help

And read the articles!!


[quote]HoratioSandoval wrote:

And read the articles!!


The above post is really the best thing for you at this point. You have soooo much to leanr that you need to do some reading/education for youself. Read up keep going to the gym is not a waste your learning, naila sol;id diet and as you go and questions arise come on back,

noo your not wasting your time, this is the process of learning, just be glad you found this site…

If you call it wasted, then I wasted like 2 years of my life before i found this website. But its the process of learning, everyone goes through the stage of they dont know what there doing … ( i think ?)

Doing something is always better then nothing.