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Help for My Wife


My wife just started working out again and somewhat dieting. we are making big strides. She was going through Postpartum Depression.

Anyways, she is about 250lbs and carries all the weight in her stomach and legs.

She has started on the Elliptical for 20 minutes ad a moderate pace. about 4-5 times a week and she plays co-ed softball on the weekends.

should I start her on a light weight/high rep workout as well? she is in 2 weeks. I was wanting her to get a 30 minute cardio in the morning and then and cardio.troning workout in the evening.

I was think do a set of a certain excersize and then jump on the ellipticla for 2 minutes in between each set and between each different workout and then a cool down period after the workout is complete.

Does this sound good or should she do something else???

also, she is on high blood pressure medicine and she was wondering can she take fat burners? I know excersize and diet will solve her problem, but she has major energy issues.


I put my wife on Starting Strength and she loves it. She asked if we can lift every day of the week, lol. Now that the squats started getting heavy, she backed off that idea. :wink:

If she has hypertension, then stimulant-based fat burners would be a bad idea, IMO.

Jack Lalanne once said "Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you've got a kingdom." I really feel that nutrition is king, and exercise is queen. All the weights and cardio in the world won't mean dick if you eat 8000 calories of shit each day.

[edit] good to see another Okie here!


Nutrition is King when it comes to fat loss esp. for women. Diet. Diet. Diet.

As far as workouts... I would NOT have her starting with doubles unless she really really wants that and with a new baby um she probably doesnt. Seriously have her do three cardio sessions a week make them thirty minutes and consider having them be intervals. Three lifting sessions and not light weight high rep like real lifting 8-12 rep range really.


First of all, congrats on her taking the steps to improve her health. The more supportive and optimistic you can be, the better all around.

Cool. In terms of calorie burning, I'd consider the weekend softball to be "cardio-ish." So be sure to factor that into the rest of the training.

You don't want to overwhelm her with too much, too soon. Morning cardio can be tough enough, so maybe starting with even 15 minutes of decent-paced work would be a better start.

This would be a very inefficient workout. Do some weights, then do some cardio. All one, then all the other. Mixing them together is A - confusing to a beginner, and B - more intense than necessary.

Light weight/high rep workouts don't build lean muscle, and lean muscle is what we want to really boost her metabolism and change her physique. Some women really seem to respond to the basic Starting Strength program, because it's straightforward and consistent strength training.

Also check out this article for some general ideas about training, nutrition, and other issues that may (or may not) be relevant to her situation:

Absolutely correct. Plus the fact that there's no point in taking fat burners when we don't even have a basic nutrition and training plan in place yet.

For the energy, it could be a combination of needing more optimal sleep (if possible) and just cleaning up the diet in general. Once things start working together, the energy or motivation to attack the day should perk up.

I didn't see much talk about cleaning up the diet, but I really like this simple step-by-step plan for getting things organized:
Literally just do one step every other day, and by the end of the month, you're pretty well on track with a good fat loss nutrition plan.


Thanks everyone!

I also forgot to post that she is an ex college athlete so, she is very familiar with weights and very hard cardio!

I appreciate all the imput


Set realistic goals to work toward. Going from 250 to 150 will most likely take well over a year even with a great plan and a motivated person. It's too easy to get frustrated and quit when life throws a wrench. The hardest thing will be consistency and motivation.

Good luck.


Awesome. Then she understands that hard work pays off with solid results.

Still though, if it's been a while since she's trained consistently and/or intensely, it's usually best to start off beginner-ish to bring back some of that conditioning. Whether it's just for a few workouts or for a few weeks, it's better to build up to hard training than to start off going 105% and burn out or get injured.

Also, it might be worth double-checking any medications or hormone issues that could be causing the unusual targeted fat gain (legs and stomach only, rather than distrubuted over the whole body).

Keep us in the loop and shoot out anymore questions that pop up.