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Help for My Father

(Not sure if this is the right place to post this, also thought about nutrition area, just want to find the right people who can help me)

I have been a member here for a very long time and do not post all that often. Im posting now desperate for anyone here to help me in any way they can. My father was admitted to the hospital yesterday where it was discovered that he has two blood clots, one in his leg and another in his lung. I know that he is in good care at the hospital and they say that the longer they treat it the less threatening it gets.

I figured that I would come here to see if anyone who has prior experience or knowledge of the medical field had any advice for how he should change his ways of life to prevent this from happening again or getting worse. I know this isnt exactly bodybuilding related but from all my years here I trust the minds on this site when it comes to my own body better than any doctor and know that the knowledge here is so much more than I could ever find surfing the pages of WebMD and so on.

Any advice on how he should change his diet, exercise routine, any medications or remedies that are trusted or just any advice for how he can be safer in any other aspect of life, im just looking for some help.

A little background, hes 62 years old, about 220lbs and was supposed to get his knee replaced this summer after years of bad knee issues (i dont know if/how this may complicate that)… any other info that people may want just let me know and thank you all so much for any help you can give me.

Well he has a DVT and a PE, he could have clotting factor issues that are unrelated to health. He could also have A-Fib which causes clotting issues. Many factors that can lead to DVT and PE’s. He will be placed on a blood thinner like warfarin/coumadin and have to get serial PT/PTT (blood test) for as long as he is on the medicine.

Now if he is a very, very sedentary person he could have clots to the lower extremeties due long periods of sitting. There is a place to start is just getting him moving. This is not something he can just jump into he is going to need time and consitent support. If he has a bad knee that is going to limit to what type of excercise you get him into, stationary bike is a good start.