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Help For My Dad

Hi all. I’m posting in regards to my dad, who is just about to turn 50 in October. Between him and my mom I think he’s the only person who has the potential to change his body - my mom is just about a lost cause.

He does not have much time to work out because he is on the road trucking Monday-Friday and is only home Saturday & Sunday. I am not sure if there are weight rooms at truck stops! Does anybody here have any recommendations for him?

He is not terribly out of shape, not really overweight, just no muscle tone. I’d guess that he is about 6’0 and 200 lbs. He has a large frame, big hands & feet (unfortunately his daughter inherited that too minus the height lol).

I’m starting the classes for my personal trainer certification next Spring and I feel like I should at least try to help my loved ones. Any article recommendations or others I could send to him would be great, thanks guys.


I think it depends on whether he wants to work out or not. I have tried to convince family memebers to work out with only marginal success. However, if he is expressing interest, there is always a way.

For example, if he is a long haul driver maybe he can do a bodyweight routine at stops on the road. Or bring a sandbag with him and do a routine while parked somewhere(looks strange but so what).

On weekends he could do the opposite of whatever he does in the week- cardio, long walking, a lot of stretching, biking, whatever. A job like that makes it hard, but I think you can always find a way to workout somehow. my 2 cents.

Your Dad can make all the progress in the world on the wekends and whatever he can squeeze in during the week. I’m 49 with a demanding job too. First, go to Coach Dan John’s web page and down load the book “From the Ground Up” It has tips for those who can only work out on the weekends. The book will show him the way. The key is to set long term goals. In six months he’ll think your a genius. Don’t worry about Mom she just might join him. This stuff can be contagious in a family when the results start to show.

have your dad pick up a jump rope, this is great cardio and throw in pushups and he will have a great workout that can be done anywhere at anytime. it will take some getting used to, and he has to want to workout, but ropeing is great, most people will not stick with it cause it is damn tough and tiring

Maybe he could try pushing the truck?