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Help for My BF- Chest Training


Hey guys! I figured this would be the best place to ask for advice. So my boyfriend is having trouble getting his chest to grow. He's only about 70kg but can bench 5x 110kg, so he is quite strong! And he works very hard in the gym. But despite the fact that his chest is his strongest part, it is also the bit that is lagging the most. What can you suggest that might help?


First off, is he looking to gain more weight overall? Assuming he is “average” height (ie not a dwarf) I hope that he is aiming to get higher than 70kg, if advice is being asked for on a bodybuilding forum.

Come to think of it, why can’t he ask for himself?

That aside, even if he works his chest like crazy, if he isn’t eating to grow, very little will change.

I suspect his shoulders/triceps are doing most of the work whilst he is benching. Bench is not a good chest exercise for most.

Alternatives that I have found useful have been;

DB benchpress (flat and with a slight incline)
Hammer Strength chest machines
Heavy flyes


Thanks for your response. Yes, he does want to grow more everywhere, but he isn’t the tallest guy and his frame is really quite small. It’s just that his chest looks small compared to the rest of him. OH and IF I could get him to go on this site that would be fantastic! I’ve learned a lot over at figure athlete. But because I suggest he come to this site, he won’t do it. I’m sure if one of his mates told him to he would though…


Tell him to use a very large grip, as wide as he can, on the bench.

Tell him to stretch his pecs everyday as hard as possible for 1 min or more.

Other than that, he can also alternate between DB and BB and set-reps scheme.


Tell the boy to eat.


The avatar… Is that you perhaps? :slight_smile:


Get a bigger boyfriend


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