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Help for Fish Burps

I have seen a great deal of people complaining about “fish burps.” Let me just offer this little piece of advice to those of you having this problem with fish oil supplementation:

Take all your fish oil caps with your casein shake (P + F meal) before you go to bed. You'll be asleep by the time you have to worry about belching.

There is absolutely no benefit to spreading out your Fish caps throughout the day, as it takes the body a full 2-3 weeks to metabolize fish oil after consumption.

There is one exception, however. If you are on a severe diet; where you are getting all your daily fat from EPA/DPA; it is recommended to spread the caps out evenly. Reason being, you tend to store more fat if your body is not receiving it at regular intervals.

joel-i appreciate the advice. i get the fish burps really bad. no matter what i eat (i take 2 fish oils with 3 meals a day), the first burp tastes just like salmon. 6 at one meal seems like a lot though.

Thanks for the tip; i’ll keep it in mind. peace.

i also take them at night with the casein. thanks for the other info. laters pk