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Help for First Cycle, Natural BB for 7 Years

Hello everyone,
First of all excuse me if my English is not perfect, I’m French.
I was planning to do my first cycle only with advices from a friend of mine (high level amateur Bodybuilder) and what I could read online but the more I read the more the informations seem to contradict themselves and I choose this forum because the most intelligent things I read were here. So, I’m 25 years old, natural Bodybuilder for 7 years, Profesional trainer in my country, already competed naturaly and did not bad by myself (I was 20).
Also important point, I’m on TRT (125mg Enanthate every other week, blood work perfectly fine and testosterone right in the “middle upper” range.
I’m a short guy and pretty light (I absolutely don’t look as light as I am), I’m 1m64 and when I started I was 52kg kind of skinny fat with abs now I’m 70kg around 14%. I plan to do my first cycle in less than a month because it’s been a long time I want to be up in global size and compete with bigger guys.
So, as I’m on trt I was thinking something like that

  • for 10 weeks Sustanon 125mg + nandrolone 100mg twice a week Monday and Thursday
  • arimidex during the cycle every other day at 0.25mg
  • Nolvadex 3 weeks after cycle 40mg for 2 weeks and 20mg for 2 weeks (after reading some advices here)

I have a few questions I couldn’t find the answer for, first of all is it best to use pharmaceutical grade 1ml vial but split the compounds? For example 250mg sust on Monday and 200mg nandrolone on Thursday? My friend advise me to take 10ml vials and just take 0.5ml of each, each time because of the synergy.

  • what do you think about the dosage for my frame and my pct?
  • what do you guys recommend the most, nandrolone phenylpropionate the shorter Esther or the nandrolone decanoate one ? I feel like being a first time user phenylpropionate could be a good choice.
  • Also I’m looking to put on size (5, 6~kg would be a dream for my size I think) with this cycle but more importantly keep the gains after do you feel like I choose the compounds right?
    Thanks a lot for reading me. I’ll be reading you quite seriously.

If you’re on TRT then you won’t need to run pct after your cycle. You just go back to your normal trt routine. It’s called blast and cruise.

I’d say NPP over deca, simply because it’s in and out faster. If you get some of the rough side effects of nandrolone then you can be out faster with NPP. (The longer term side effects are a different story, however)

That might be too much arimidex. Tough to say. But it’s usually better to go lower at first and adjust according to how you respond. If you start too high and crash your e2 then you’ll be trying to fix that problem for the whole duration of your cycle and it’ll impede your gains.

As far as what you can keep, that’s pretty individual. But if you’re on trt then the chances of holding gains seems to be much higher than those who have to go through pct. That’s just an observation and is not true in every case, of course.

Thanks a lot iron!
So no pct at all and no change in my trt ?
OK, so how would you take arimidex? Something like 0.25mg every 3/4 days and just go more regularly if I feel like a beginning of gyno…?
I recently read that you suggest almost no arimidex at all if possible ?

I subscribe to the principle of minimum effective dosage. You’ll have to tinker with it, but listen to your body and you’ll do fine. Starting low is almost always the best course of action.

Ok, so to sum it up, I’d took the first shot wait 4 days to take 0.25mg arimidex and adjust from there?
Also, from my comprehension 125mg sust with 100mg nandrolone monday and thursday is better for keeping levels stable than 250mg sust Monday and 200mg nandrolone Thursday right? I’ve seen people did cycle the 2nd way but it makes me confused.

Are you willing to run the risk of ZERO libido for YEARS? Do some searched on this site, and you will see plenty of horrifying testimonials from otherwise healthy men.

That alone was enough for me to avoid Deca / NPP completely, but if you insist, I hear that NPP clears much quicker.

See link below, this currently appears just a few threads below your posting:

I’ve read some things about it but not so dramatic ones, would you advise to run a higher dose of susta alone or 250mg susta with another compound ?