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Help for Elbow Pain?


I'm experiencing some really bad elbow pain. It seems after about 2 sets of tricep presses it starts to go away. But during the day, at night, lifting my coffee cup, turning the steering wheel, I get discomfort. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to chondroitin. I've tried about 3 different products for joint relief, all having chondroitin, that had some bad effects. Can anyone recommend a remedy?


BMR, I have tendonitis in my inner elbow, I think from benching with a bar. straight bar curls and chinups. I now use dumbbells for benching and curling and 'palms away' chins and rows aren't too painful. I use ibuprophen, bromelain, ginger to a degree of success. Icing the area w/a dixie cup frozen, works well too. Hope this helps.


A similar thread on this same forum not long ago:



Thanks for the advice. That thread was very helpful also.


Try working your finger extensors, had same problem. put rubber band around ends of fingers and spread them apart, sets of 15 to 20 then add another rubber band and so on. Pain will go away almost instantly. Remember you are always grabbing(agonist) with your fingers and never working the extensors(antagonist) spreading. ironmind sells the bands specifically for this.


Agreed. Also, fish oil around 10 grams per day for the pain if you don't have any low blood pressure issues.

Also forearm rotations - hammer levering and things like that will help balance out the joint.