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Help for Day After Pulse Fast


Hi, I am just wondering, once you do the pulse, do you train in a fasted stated the following day then eat or do you have a pre workout meal?

I currently train fasted in the morning, cause I do the 16hr fast/8hr feed protocol, but would like tot try the 36hr fast.

Any help would be great thanks.


Taylor, once the 36-hour Pulse Fast period is over, stop fasting. Use the following day to pound in quality peri-workout nutrition, and by all means, take advantage of the awesome pump it's going to give you in the gym!

If your workout time just so happens to fall right after the 36-hour period, then just fuel up with the right kind of nutrients; ones that digest quickly and can give you the best possible results during your workout.

In other words, don't eat bacon before you hit the gym. A couple FINiBARs or Surge Workout Fuel would fit the bill nicely.

Make sense?


Thanks for the reply all makes sense. I wont eat before the workout just use some fast a slow carbs with protein and a little good fat.

Thanks aging for replying back.