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Help for Daughter's 19-Yr Old Boyfriend, First Cycle Before Jail

I really didn’t have the time to look through threads to find out information and I have very little time to track down information. I’m a recently retired special operations guy and need to get advice from some of you senior guys out there. I have experience with a few cycles but I am trying to help my daughters boyfriend who will be going to jail for less than a year, four months from now. He is 19 years old, 165 lbs, 32% body fat, a band and theater nerd in high school and doesn’t have an issue with anyone seeing him cry. The opposite of me but treats my daughter right. He just got caught up with the wrong crowd, doing the wrong thing and now has a drug charge and will do a little time. This kid is a good kid and he needs to make it through his time and come home with his honor intact. I did almost two years in a detention facility when I was a kid and I would not want to go to big boy prison so Im nervous for him. He trains every day MMA, eats clean, works out and betters himself. His eating is good and he just finished his first set of labs. I live south of Tijuana, Mexico and anything is available. The court gave him permission to live with me until the court date.

Im a 41 year old man and I understand how to run a cycle for myself but would never give advice to someone other than the basics but I need one of you pros to send some advice my way on how to run a 19 year old kid through a cycle to put him in the best shape possible prior to leaving but also the safest cycle possible without screwing up levels in his body beyond repair. I understand that we can’t mitigate all the risk but at least we can abide by some tried and tested rules when it comes to doing a cycle at a young age. I can get access to almost anything. Here is what I have on hand at the moment but please recommend what you guys think is best. Thanks in advance.

Test Cyp 200mg bottles

EQ 300mg bottles

Anavar 20mg

HCG 5000IU bottles

Exemestane 25mg

Chlomid and Nolvadex

He is only 19, you are talking about shutting down his natural test for a small stint in jail where he is going to lose any gains he makes on the outside when he goes in. You need to run his ass till he can’t run anymore. He needs to drop the bodyfat, hit the weights, get his diet in line. Steroids are not going to save him. He will click up with his race/shotcaller then go from there. Just teach him to keep his mouth shut. It is a good thing it is only for a drug charge, his time will be easier compared to someone with charges against a woman or child.

Any cycle you put him on will stop his natural test for a short period of time. He could very well end up serving his time trying to recover which could place him in a more vulnerable position. Normal cycle being 3 months, 2 weeks after last shot of cycle he would start a PCT. He would only have time for a 2 week PCT.

EDIT: 1 cycle is not going to ruin him forever, I understand that. But I would be more worried about the time he will be going in and the time his natural test will be trying to recover are going to be very close together. He is high bodyfat, so you could run into problem with GYNO. Higher body fat is more prone to developing Gyno. Last thing you want is this kid going in with bitch tits.

I bring the PCT and gyno up because he will not have access to any AI’s on the inside while his natural test is low and his E2 could be running high.

Little less than a year, he should be in a county jail? Right? Shouldnt be any state penn.


Unless he can be on when he is in (which I doubt, unless he’s going to serve this in Mexico) he should NOT run a cycle. He will be in the worst possible state right at the beginning f his stay. His hormones could keep him from thinking straight. You were Special Forces, teach him some dirty fighting just in case.

shit like this really pisses me off… Not you trying to help out you’re friend here, but the fact he’s being thrown in jail for what I assume is a relatively minor crime involving narcotics.

I think OP lives in Mexico, if the kid is going to prison in Mexico AAS should in theory be very easily accessible, though I doubt it’d be allowed or encouraged among prison inmates, and generally one should be on their best behaviour in prison as to get out ASAP (I think). That being said I don’t have much other advice to give here other than that a cycle isn’t a good idea. This kind of situation is far out of my jurisdiction as I’ve never personally served time. Just think it’s an injustice to ruin a young mans life over a narcotics charge, prohibition doesn’t work, neither does the war on drugs!

I send my sympathies

Hell maybe tomorrow I’ll go to one of those protest/civil disobedience event things to show my support and voice my opinion on prohibition.

Definitely don’t start drugs. These things takes time and other drugs to recover. I don’t think he can get them in prison.

If you are that worried and he is important to you then maybe think about ways to avoid the jail time. Maybe help him and your daughter relocate to a neighboring country if practical. I doubt they would bother looking for him. Maybe look into paying the right person if possible, his lawyer if he has one might know of a standard protocol of cash for freedom. Does he have a future once released with a record? Would life be the same on the run, as far as employment opportunities and such?

I was hoping he could run a two month cycle and then have two months to deal with PCT and settle back into his old self. I’m just familiar with longer cycles and was hoping someone had a shorter cycle that was effective. I have paid 2k at a pro fight center for him to attend up until the point he leaves but since he’s not used to training this much and wasn’t in the best shape when he started he pretty much just eats, sleeps and trains! A little help would go a long way. I didn’t start him on anything because the gear I have at the moment usually takes three months to really benefit from.

He lives in San Diego but I have a condo just across the border.

It’s only a year in jail but he’s a sensitive little guy. He’ll be in jail in California.

How can a grown man be this retarded.

Your daughters boyfriend is gonna be a bitch no matter how big or jacked he gets. Hopefully this few months puts some hair on his chest.

Ps. Tell him to keep a few bars of soap in a sock in case someone trys to play with his booty hole.


This cracked me up.


It kinda doesn’t matter but, out of curiosity, how tall is he?

Like everyone’s saying, gear is super-unnecessary and just a bad idea for this kid all around. He’d be much better served hitting 20-rep squats and getting a 225 clean and press.

This also cracked me up.

Damn Zeek. I just wish there were a two month cycle that existed where he could gain a little strength and then run PCT and recover the next two months but it sounds like there are no cycles that exist where that could happen. Do any cycles exist for any steroid that can be ran for two months and recover the next two months that allow him to gain strength and shed fat? It sounds like there isn’t. I just wish there were something like growth hormone or a fat burner to assist in his training or something like that but the way you guys talk there isn’t a pharmaceutical grade medication that exists that would even remotely help during a four month program. I literally have everything available down here and at my fingertips. All pharmaceutical grade.


Everyone needs to learn how not to get choked out and have someone sit on top of you and pound your face. Everyone could benefit from the basics like understanding what a mount, guard, side mount, counter to the guillotine is. Maybe I should have sent him to Rex Quan Do down at the local Kempo karate shop in the shopping center. Wait, maybe a pro MMA fighter who can actually teach efficiently where the 2k pays for one on one instruction and personal trainer in the same facility as well as access to the restaraunt and nutritionist and personal chef that cooks his breakfast and lunch as per the nutritionists recommendations was a bad idea Chris. If you were trying to help someone and had the means what would you suggest?

Ofcourse there is.

Your missing the whole point tho.

The reason no one here is listing such cycle for you is because it’s not a good idea. This isn’t what steroids are for. This is actually how steroids get a bad wrap.

It still amazes me that your not grasping this concept after some of the other fellas here broke doww exactly why it’s not a good idea.

Your desire to help this kid is admirable but lets think for a moment about how best to set him up for success(?) in his soon-to-be new environment. From your description of the lad we have a little fat kid who’s sensitive and perhaps a little socially awkward. The MMA training will prepare him in the event that he needs to defend himself…it’s not going to turn him into some sort of holy terror but every man should be able to defend himself so this is wise.The subject of AAS however should be a non-starter considering the short amount of time you have to prepare him. You could run a short cycle of Test but the very limited gains he MIGHT acquire are more than outweighed by the potential damage he could incur. What would your plan be if his PCT failed? Do you want to send him away with LOWER test numbers than he has now? How would that work out for him? He’s 19…he’s got plenty of natural test floating around in his blood; he just needs to make proper use of it.
Your best bet (and I have no experience in the penal system) is to teach the kid how to properly defend himself but more importantly you should be teaching him how to avoid getting himself into those situations in the first place. He should be learning to keep his mouth shut, respect other people’s boundaries, show respect, and not appear to be a target.
I’m not sure where you are in the legal process but have you considered working with the prosecutor on ideas to lessen his sentence? Drug classes…community service, anything like that to mitigate his jailtime?

You do realize that “I have paid 2k at a pro fight center” and “personal trainer in the same facility as well as access to the restaraunt and nutritionist and personal chef that cooks his breakfast and lunch as per the nutritionists recommendations” aren’t remotely the same, right?

There was zero indication he had a personal trainer and nutritionist. 4 months is a pretty long amount of time to see ridiculous results without gear when he’s under that level of guidance. I stand by my suggestion about working on a 225 clean and press. If that was his sole focus for the next few months, he’d build strength, muscle (the cliche “power look”), and mindset.

I would’ve found a krav maga place, but okay.

The best counter to a guillotine is not being put in one, especially in a streetfight when the guy’s probably not all that interested in letting go as soon as you’re out.


Come on guys, stay positive and let’s not be problem identifiers with this because I understand completely the constraints and restraints regarding his situation. This is my first post on social media ever and I posted because I’m trying to come up with something, anything that could help this kid lean out and get a little stronger other than just working out and eating right. Everyone that has ever trained knows that having a subject matter expert work with you one on one, that knows how to teach is better than figuring it out by yourself when time is your biggest constraint. Everyone knows that having a chef cook your meals as per the nutritionists plan is better than you cooking for yourself when time is critical. And if none of you are smart enough to understand that a professional lifter that has been training his whole life providing you instruction is better than figuring it out for yourself when you need to be focused on spending your last bit of freedom as a young man with family and the people you love then please tell me what is more efficient. Some one who knows how to train for an event when it’s crunch time please say something positive. If this site is just a self licking ice cream cone please let me know. I posted because I thought this site exists to educate and help. This is starting to sound like more of a shit talk fest.

I’m gonna try and give you the best advice I can. Having spent numerous years in the federal prison system when I was younger I can tel you your going about this all wrong. There is no amount of fighting skills etc that will help an individual person when shit hits the fan.

If you want to really help the kid Ditch the mma shit and get him into social encounter tutoring. I don’t know what exactly it would be called but I promise you his best weapon in prison will be his mouth and his ability to talk his way thru situations that arise.

Also just a couple don’ts.
1)no gambling
2)no borrowing things or accepting things from people


  1. always be respectful of people’s personal space say excuse me when walking Infront of someone
    2)MIND YOUR BUSINESS this is a huge one.
  2. don’t be a snitch
  3. don’t ask the corrections officers for anything and if you absolutely have to make sure another prisoner is within ear shot when speaking to the C. O.

He will most likely be in a minimum security block where no one is interested in jacking up there time by fighting etc he should have no problems honestly

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Good point. I just figured that since my post said that I’m a recently retired special operations guy that spent 2k to help a guy train is enough info for someone that read it to understand that It implied that I’m not stupid and understand what is needed to train. I have six years and three months of my life in Iraq and Afghanistan so I understand how to train for a fight. You need to be mentally, spiritually and physically fit and well rounded for the fight. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Again, this is my first post, ever. I will articulate myself clearer and provide more details so you guys can provide a little more help.