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Help for Complete Beginners


I am an aspiring personal trainer who wishes to own his own gym in further life. I have only been training for 3 years but have gone gone from 126 - 178lbs and increased my standing vertical leapfrom 15 to 25 inches.

I know those of you with experience in the iron game will not need this but for those of you who are completely new or just need help i am offering a 24 hour reply service and program design for FREE!!!

I know that i need to build up a sort of client base and results from my knowledge to help me start off my business.

I “specialize”, use the term loosely, in fat loss, hypertrophy, strength and vertical jump.

If any of you are interest please post below and i will PM you with what i need from you.

So here, to sum it up, is what i am offering:

  • a training program designed for your needs

  • free, unlimited questions and reply via email

  • nutritional help though it is my weakest point, but i still know abit about it.

  • Phoenix Theory

My only question would be in regards to strength, I’ve made some great gains in the strength department - I like to mainly use dumbells over barbells but I will use any type of free weight.

I’ve added another 5kg to my dumbells, I’m still finding it relatively easy but I like to see my muscle adapt completely problem being I’m finishing 3-5 lift and 3-5 set workouts in 20mins, which I think is a testament to my improved strength but it isn’t long enough to be lifting for my fat loss goals.

Should I increase the weight?

I would need to see your entire program for the week to better understand the question and give you an answer you deserve

  • Phoenix Theory

Phoenix typed up a plan for me, very good work.

Will review after proper trial. 3-4 Weeks.

Can you teach me how i can improve my vert jump and strengh?