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Help for College Trainer


Hey TNation. I need some ideas from you guys who are more involved in the industry than my supervisors. I'm presenting at the NC State Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo. I'm workshopping for an hour discussing postural analysis, and how to do it without a posture zone and other software/expensive equipment.

For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a fitness expo that some professionals in the industry come to and present as well as a handful of trainers who are brave enough. Unfortunately there are a lot of group fitness instructors, and about half of the people there seem to do this instead of training.

The professionals are mostly yoga masters and cycling masters, but here's the list: Becky C. Langton; Sage Rountree; Greg Sims; Cody Sipe.

***Unfortunately I could not go in previous years, like 2008, when Jamie Eason was a master presenter.... Oh well.

Anyway. I have a lot of information to cover in the hour, as I'm discussing a large amount of postural deviations. The goal is to be informative [check] and to keep everyone interested and not make it a lecture. This is where I need help. Do you guys have any advise, even about little things, that could help me out and keep everyone intrigued?

I've been told by my supervisors that some people can get good networking/grad school opportunities done. We have a girl who was "scouted" last year by Virginia Tech where I train/study and now she has grad school covered as well as a job that pays, which is something I could deal with.

Thanks in advance.