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Help for Bodybuilding Contest


Hi everyone, I've created a few posts for help on getting started in natural bodybuilding already. I was wondering if anyone is or knows someone who can help me get on tract to do a contest. I will do absolutely anything to make it in this sport, So please i'm begging for help.

I'm about 6"0 currently 229 after a huge cut from 280 (I played tackle in football). I am still going so that I can get to about 15 pounds from competition weight and evaluate myself.

I competed in powerlifting although I don't lift heavy anymore.
325- pause bench max
535- d-lift max
475- squat max
255- power clean max

Those numbers are all from my senior year in high school. I don't d-lift heavy anymore or squat heavy because I herniated a disc in my back.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.






shoulder and bicep




side leg




Well, I'm sure everyone who's already read the post thought this, but I'll say it....

You look like you have a solid base, and showing individual body parts makes you look good for someone of your age. But bodybuilding is about the illusion you create. You're gonna hafta lose the shirt and let people see what you look like as a whole. Sure, you may be 'fat' now, but you have to see where the truly weak areas are, and where you will have the benefit of your powe4r lifting foundation.

Once you know where you are, you can plan where you need to go.

Also, how much weight you move doesn't matter one bit in bodybuilding. I move a lot of weight probably because of my own little powerlifting background, but even now, I select weights I can do for sets of 6-9 reps (they just happen to be a lot heavier than most of the other dudes training -lol)



thanks a lot stu and by the way I stick to the high volume range of 8-12. I just included the numbers in case anyone was interested. Here are some shirtless pics, but keep in mind I am currently still dieting and will update this every couple weeks if people are interested enough.


rear double bi


just upper body


front double bi


Well, for someone at 6' to look as thick as you do, I think you're starting from a great place. Torso looks great. Yes, you will lose a lot of your "size" as you diet, but by doing it correctly, you will end up in a better place. In my humble opinion, I've always held onto more lean size when I keep hitting the heavy weights while slowly cutting or rotating cals or carb levels.

I try to warm up a lot more thoroughly, and do lower the weights slightly just to feel al ittle safer (it may just be a mental thing for me though).

What's your current diet look like? What sort of changes did you make initially to start the weight loss?



Good base. Take a look at the Anabolic Diet or Bodyopus. Those will help you get leaner. Some morning low intensity cardio on an empty stomach does wonders too. I hate HIIT. It makes my legs weak but some guys like it although.

If you want to make it in this sport your going to have to be a well disciplined machine. Check out Skip LaCours web site. He's the man but his body type is different than yours so what works for him might not work for you. Thats why I think you'd do well on the anabolic diet.


When I first decided to start dieting I wanted to do it slow so I could keep the muscle I gained from training heavy for so long. I have been dieting since late July. I went from a power lifting workout to a very high paced workout with lots of supersets and short breaks (60 secs). Oh and I originally weighed 282 with a 40 inch waist, to right now weighing 230 with a 34.

My current diet looks like this:

Sunday through Friday:

8:00 AM
Isopure and glutamine shake

10:00 Breakfast at college cafeteria
approximately 8-10 eggs
1 cup of oatmeal
1 cup of coffee
small portion of fruit(usually cantalope or apple)
fish oil, multi vitamin, green tea extract

12:00 Lunch at college cafeteria
at least 6 oz. or more depending on how hungry I am, turkey or ground beef or chicken (depends on what they are serving)
half cup of green beans or spinach

3:00 Snack in between class
5oz of tuna

6:00 Dinner at college cafeteria
at least 6 oz. or more depending on how hungry I am, turkey or ground beef or chicken (depends on what they are serving)
half cup of green beans or spinach

6:30 TRAIN plus 20 mins of cardio
BCAA's half hour before

8:30 P/W shake Isopure and glutamine

9:30 last meal
5oz of tuna

11:00 sleep

Saturday is carb reload day

same thing as before only in my 3 main meals I have good sized portions of carbs in the 3 meals. I also have fruit in each one to keep glucose levels high. Any more questions and I will be happy to answer.


It seems like you're on the right path - congrats on your progress so far! Really if you just keep at your clean diet and lifting (just browse any of the programs on here) you'll be great!


If you find you are losing muscle eat more protein. I'd do some cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink some coffee before or take a fat burner.

I'd get a scale and a calorie book. Weigh your food so you can keep track of your micro nutrients. Some guys don't do this but they're naturally leaner than you and me and they take drugs like clen t3 gh and dnp.


I started doing HIIT this monday morning and will do it MWF first thing when I wake up on an empty stomach. Thanks for the advice