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Help for Advance Cycle

Hey im very good level bodybuilder ve many competition s on my back and need help which one of following cycles to choose to put some size and quality mass on:

  1. Test cyp 1000mg
    Eq. 1500mg
    Tri tren (200mg tren a, 200en,200parabolan
    Tbol 50mg
    Anapolon 50mg
    Masteron 300mg
    2x0,5 adex per week
    3x0,5 dostinex per week

  2. Test cyp 2grams
    Boldenone 2,5grams
    Anapolon 50mg
    Tbol 50mg
    Masteron 200mg
    3xadex 0,5mg

Which one would you choose and why?

#1. It’ll also kill you a lot faster, but at certain levels of competition that seems to be irrelevant. But lay off the adex at first. You may not need any. EQ has the ability to act as a strong AI in a high percentage of users.

You’re doing this all without a high level coach? I’d love to see your physique I’d you have any face cropped photos. We don’t get many competitors on here. Most jut dabble such as myself.

Ll start with 0,5 mg adex and see if need more i think add the masteron most for the estrogen mask effects and libido is it worth for that purpose?

Will try now imgr and forward links

The first one is current physique 1 week ago not on my best, currently run: 1g testo 700mg primo 300mg masteron, this week jumped 1g primo

Second photo was some weeks out of one contest i did

If cycle s i posted up which one you would prefer to apply on my current physique?

My budget is very limited even my nutrition is not like should be so impossible for me get a good coach, i hope if find any sponsor but is hard

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I think with that much EQ you may end up needed no AI at all. But figuring it out as you go will work fine as long as you have some dbol or HCG on hand to bail yourself out if you crash your e2 you’ll be fine.

And you look fucking monstrous my dude. Really impressive.

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I don’t think many on this forum are going to have the level of expertise you need TBH. It is above the level of risk most here seem okay with.

You look incredible though!

What do the legs look like?


Thanks mate will start no ai Just dostinex cause i m sensitive to prolactin and then if need ai ll add some, to estrogen i dont aromatise easy so your right May dont need at all

I ll post one from contest also, i had very serious injury complete tear of quad from tendon and bone, i managed to Come back but cant be same as used to be, legs were my strongest part after injury changed

Here can see legs also

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There is no reason at all to think this is anywhere near his first cycle. Just sayin’.

Yeah I commented before reading the whole post, my bad. Went ahead and deleted, I see his other cycle experience

Guys i never said is first cycle im 10 years almoast in cycles and Last 3 years blast n cruise

It happens. That would be the norm, after all. “Dude I wanna get swole, how does this look for a first cycle?” is kind of the usual.

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Yeah your opening post says lots of competition experience but doesn’t say any cycle experience, then you want options starting with 1-2g of test, so I was confused. No disrespect, you look solid and clearly know what you’re doing

Thanks brother, no problem at all i should wrote that im on blast and cruise Last years

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This. ^

You need a high level coach. Amazing my friend. I’d like even half of your arm size. There are a couple other forums that are more populated with competitors such as yourself. If funds can’t afford the coach you may want to try there.