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Help for a Truck Driver


Hello everyone, I am new here and posting for the first time. I am 39yrs old and started lifting back in sept. I was way overweight so I made the decision to get healthier. Back then I was weighing 270 and am only 5'7". Since then I have gotten down to 220 and have gained some decent muscle. But I still want to lose more fat and gain as much muscle as possible.

The problem with me is my job. I am a truckdriver and am gone 5 days out of the week. During this time I can't workout. I get my workouts on the weekends. Lately I go as heavy as I can and stay in the 5-8 rep range. Day 1 is chest,shoulders and biceps. Day 2 is legs,back and tri's. I do some cardio during the week, 30 mins, twice a week plus I do my abwork during the week as well. I take my food with me and protein in order to eat as good as I can while working.

I don't count calories but if I had to guess I would say I eat about 2,000 calories a day. I eat every 2-3 hrs. I do drive with a partner so we work a 10hr on 10hr off schedule. In essence I drive and eat for 10hrs and then rest 10hrs and then start over again.

Eat alot of chicken,tuna,salmon,veggies,brown rice. I do have to eat fast food at times but I get a grilled chx sandwich or chx salad or some chili. The chili is probably the worst thing I eat on the road. On weekends I basically eat the same foods but I might eat 1 or 2 extra meals since those are my training days.

Any ideas on how I can be building muscle faster and losing fat faster? I know I haven't covered everything but this is the start. Help, please


Wow! What a start. 7 months, 50lbs.? Fantastic. Sounds like youve got the right idea. It just takes time.The idea of going heavy on the two days you train is correct, I think so anyway. Dont get stagnant on the weight you use. Change it up if you need to.

BTW your eating better than me.


I suppose a power rack doesn’t fit into a sleeper?


[quote]sfp wrote:
I suppose a power rack doesn’t fit into a sleeper?[/quote]
lol, i wish


One of the easiest things to do is keep a food journal. Mine is seven columns, one for each day of the week. First keep the date, day of the week, and daily weight(For me that is 7:00A, find what ever you call your wake up time and weigh in then).

Follow that down in the column for that day with times and what you ate. Believe it or not, as time goes buy you will become a better “in-take watcher” than you can believe today. If you stop for meals, take a 15 minute walk after every meal. All of this really helps.


when the rigs stopped why not go for a walk? can you attach some weights or kettleballs to the frame rails to use when stopped? hell i’ve seen motorcycles tucked behind sleepers.


push ups and pull ups

If I could find 20-30 minutes,these would

be my bread and butter exercises.

Congratulations on the weight loss.


Can you do pushups anywhere in the cab? Like where you sleep? Dunno man maybe jump rope when you stop?


bands,kettlebells, bodyweight calistenics, I get alot of people in shape with out alot weights .

Do complexes with a kettlebell(s)
sprints-then push ups-sprints-then free hand sqauts-sprints then burpees. Done on the side of the road/truckstop etc.

My brother is a otr and is in good shape after being a “big ol boy” and he does these 4-5 times a week.


Kettlebell exercises.
Google bodyweight exercises.

My brother is a FFB (former fat boy) is 49 years old and is in good shape 6 foot 210pds solid.


I do actually walk when I can. Usually about an hr. I also walk in place, knees high. Not the best, but it’s something. I do that for 30mins. That’s 2 cardio sessions plus I do 15mins of interval training after both my workouts on the weekends. I guess I just want results faster. But I know it takes time. Any tips on how to increase my upper body strength? Seems my bench is stuck at the same weight. My lower body has gained tremendous strength but not so much my upper body.