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Help For a Slight Newbie

Hey all…my roomate directed me to this site for some advice on a few things.

My background: Over the last few years i’ve lost quite a bit of weight. Meaning: I use to weigh 285lbs, now I weigh about 185lbs. i’m 6’2 as well. My issue is that I’ve recently hit my plateau of sorts. I find it incredibly hard to get the rest of my weight off (i find im stuck w/ a slight gut still, but even more annoying are the love handles)

I lost all the weight initially through diet and cardio. Then applied weights for a bit, then back to cardio. I was to the point where I was running a good 4 miles 4 times a week and such.

ANYWAYS! I’m not opposed to bulking up more, that’s fine, but I feel like getting rid of this left over gut/love handles is the first priority. Any ideas? My frame, now that i’ve lost the weight, is that of a taller and leaner type. If that helps…

attached is a very unglamorous picture of me at a show to help give example ha ha. And no, the beer is not drank very often.

You’ll probably get a few replies with advice on what to do. I just thought I would summarise them for you:

Hit the weights, get bigger, and then lose the handles.

I’ll let others fill in the details.

Check this website’s name.

I agree lose the sacle and obsession with losing WEIGHT and concentrat at cjanging your body comp. putting Muscle wher taht fat is. This may even mean a scale increase but you will be, and look leaner.

What do you want us to tell you?

What everyone is going to say:

Hit The Gym

You don’t look fat, you do though look like you never visited a gym.