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Help for a Former Propecia User

Hey guys first post here. I have been suffering with side effects from propecia for about 2 years now and im losing hope. My main problem is I have a low sex drive and a tough time maintaining erections. Im only 24 years old and it’s seems the drug has lowered my DHT level to a level where it is effecting my libido.

I have had mid-range testosterone at best since coming off, and had been prescribed clomid/25mg every other day by my dr. which shot my testoserone up after 2 months to 883 slightly above range, but still had no effect on libido. My DHT has been checked twice at 35 and last reading of (below normal) 15 on a range of(25-75).

I have not lost any hair since i have halted the use of propecia. Dr. just prescribed me 10g of androgel to see if i could get a DHT boost from the gel. Just looking for any advice on how to use the gel for the best results?

I have had 2 friends with low testosterone prescribed gel, neither saw any libido increase until they found DR’s that would let them inject.

i think with my situation that gel would probably be the best way due to the low dht side of things. from what i have read people get a bigger boost in dht from the gels rather then injections.

Do some research, and look for a DHT based compound to use.

Would this work?

I’ve never used Proviron but it is a DHT based compound that is touted as a big help for libido. Have other inputs by using the search engine on this site. The bad thing is that Proviron may cause hair loss…

BTW I’ve used Nizoral shammpoo, and now Nioxin. No hair loss. I’d rather use these than orals like Propecia.