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Help for a Dead Leg in Rugby


I got a pretty bad charlie horse on my mid thigh from a tackle during a game yesterday.i'm guessing the bruise will be pretty deep as it hasn't really apppeared yet(its been 24 hrs).I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to help get rid of the stiffness and pain.(been icing it every coupke hours)I was also wondering what anyone's opinion on squatting and deadlifting tomorow is and whether they think it would set back the recovery or actually help it along.Cheers


Old timers used to do things called deep knee bends. We call em squats. Do a bunch, lunges etc. The more blood you pump through your legs the sooner you’ll feel better. This means you should get a training session in but maybe skip the PR’s. Frankly, I’ve noticed that if I’m in pain but not injured I have super good sessions, and a lot of other people do as well. I suspect its an endorphin thing, so maybe you’ll kill it tomorrow. But at the least get your self moving, inactivity never cured nothing.


Alright thanks a lot man.Thats what i figured but i wanted someone else’s opinion before diving in tomorow.