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Help for a Canadian!

Hey guys, just wondering if any Canadians out there could help me out.

Up till this point I’ve been buying my supplements at SNDCanada, but the prices here at the t-store, even though in US prices still seem cheaper.

I was wondering if any Canadians here have bought from the t-store and if you could tell me a little about things like:

whats the duty like?
are there any problems with customs?
what supplements am I allowed to ship in?

Mainly I’m concerned with price and just really need some protein, ZMA, and Surge. If you guys could give a hand I’d appreciate it. Thanks from up north.

Duty - not a big deal.

Customs - haven’t had a problem in ON (though I’m waiting for my LC Grow + Spike shipment…), heard bad stories about AB, shipping is usually really quick.

If you’re just getting some Surge, Grow and ZMA, you shouldn’t have to worry wherever you are.

Works out to a decent price even with shipping, and the stuff you get is fresh.

Good luck.

Has anyone tried to ship SPIKE up to Canada? Alpha Male?