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Help for a Busy Father


I’ve been off work for 3 weeks for our newborn 3rd baby. I workout at home so I had more schedule flexibility to follow your 2B program for 6 weeks.

But I got burnt out by the the volume and length of sessions in phase 2 and can’t maintain it when I start work/travel again next week.

I’m looking to shorten my weekly workouts to 4 days to around 45-50 mins.

Whenever I start to tweak things, I overthink it and will change everything 20 times. Paralysis by over analysis.

Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. Thanks again.

6 days a week, 20-30 minutes. If you read the whole thing, looks like you can also arrange it to be 3 days a week, 40-60 minutes. Either way, adds up to about 2-3 hours of training in the week. Definitely doable. That’s less than 2% of your week.

Or you could do a 5/3/1 template.

Day 1: Squat
Day 2: Bench
Day 3: Deadlift
Day 4: Press

OR (my favorite)

Day 1: Squat & Bench
Day 2: Deadlift & Power Clean
Day 3: Front Squat & Press

add assistance work and conditioning in as you see fit, depending on goals and time available.

CTs “Built For Bad” and “Built For Battle” are meant to be done within an hour. 5 days per week but rolling the last day to the following week is fine. CTs “Two exercise workout plan for size” is another one to look at. Wendlers Krypteia is meant to be finished in 45 or less as well.
All are full body programs so no need to add.

And, as previously mentioned, the 20 minute muscle builder fits the bill.

As someone who has been where you are at, let me also suggest:

Don’t be afraid of doing “at home” workouts as time permits and not feeling bad about getting in a “proper” workout at the gym. For example, sometimes 20 minutes of time opens up all of a sudden (a baby nap or whatever), and you can crank out supersets of push ups, pull ups, and ab roll outs. I’d invest in an over-the-door pull up bar, ab wheel, and kettle bell (if you don’t have them). Keep them inside and you can access them when the time permits.

Also, it may be that trying to follow a program becomes too much because you can’t predict your time/energy availability. For me, sometimes I just needed to sleep more than getting to the gym and busting out a 531 session. It will be a relatively short time that your kids are infants, so allow yourself some leniency and experiment with makeshift workouts as they fit into your life.

Good luck!


Drop the weight so you can complete your sets with 90 seconds rest.

This will suck ass for the first 4-6 weeks then you should be back to where you were.