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Help For a Broken Fibula


I broke my fibula last week during a MMA workout. The doc is saying it will be 6-8 weeks in a cast. I have a MMA competition scheduled exactly 6 weeks from now. I heard that there are compounds that speed the healing process along. I was told that vets have a cream that they apply to horses when they have leg injuries. Is anyone here familiar with any of these methods, or have any suggestions. I'm taking a calcium supplement and drinking lots of milk and eating broccoli and taking Grow! and ZMA. If anyone has any Ideas on ways to speed the healing of broken bones, please help. Thanks. injuredgorilla


I broke my fibula playing football in highschool. People say that the fibula is a non weight bearing bone. that is BULLSHIT! My break healed in about 5 weeks. I was on crutches for 4 weeks, but they didnt give me a cast. you really probably dont need one either unless it is a bad break.

Take you calcium supplement, but skip the milk. the calcium in milk is so low that it doesnt even matter, plus 85% of people dont digest milk properly anyhow, so forget it. get lots of sleep. athletes go in a hyperbaric chamber to heal breaks, i heard that it speeds healing by a week.


Talk with your doctor about electrical bone stimulation its very simialar to a TENS unit and is often used to stimulate bone healing, there are an equal amount of anicdotal studies on the pros and cons I have used one and at the worst it couldn't hurt.


I would look up Dr. Bob Marshall. I listen to his radio show on Saturday mornings, and last week he had a gentleman call in to thank him for the supplement program he put him on. This guy claimed he healed from a broken foot in ten days! Dr. Marshall then went on to say this is common for his patients, and these were people who were well into their fifties, so we're not talking spring chickens here. You can PM me for his web site if you can't find it on your own.