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Help Fixing Squat, Deadlift


hey guys....there are a few points i need to fix. can anyone give some some tips or corrective assistance work to help me pls..

*knees buckle in slightly
*quad dominance
*losing tighnes in upperback
*tail tucking at bottom

*rounding back when lifting maximal loads...


Sounds like you need to get your glute/ham/low back/abs stronger along with some ham flexibility. Make sure you start with upper back tightness when squatting, could be you aren't really losing it versus never really having it?


Tail tucking:

I have the same thing and I'm working on correcting it. Lower weight a lot and work back up with a wider stance and stay very upright. Bringing the knees foreward also helps(although everyone sees that as a cardinal sin). Watch sideways in the mirror (without a bar) and practice not rounding your back. Also no ATG squats.

Rounding Back When lifting Max Loads:

Its above your "safe" max load and your back can't take the weight. Lower the weight. If you are doing heavy singles then try triples at slightly lower weight. Dropping 10lbs can make all the difference. (Without a video I really don't know how bad the rounding is though. Do back extension work.

Remember that if you are more safely progressing at a lower weight, your "unsafe" max will still progress at about the same rate. With deadlift, you will usually be able to lift a little more, just not safely or correctly.


here is me squatting abt a yr ago


Knees buckling in slightly is from the quad dominance. Strengthen your hamstrings and hip flexors with some straight legged deadlifts, and leg raises.

When doing a max, if you can do it with PERFECT form its probably not your max... But try some goodmorings as assistance work. This should help greatly.


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I have been having similar issues in the squat, and have worked/am working a few out with the help of others.

As already said, work your hamstrings and glutes. Glute-Ham Raises are not a bad idea and are easy enough to do in most gyms. Also, just really think about forcing your knees out every rep, especially on days when you might do high volume work and will be able to "grease the groove". I don't know your warm up routine, but also maybe your hip flexors and hamstrings are just tight so try stretching/foam rolling them well before squatting and do some light (~ 30 lbs x 2)goblet squats to stretch them more.

From the video, its tough to tell if you really set a solid base before squatting. Try walking out in 3 steps: left foot straight back, then right foot back and to the side, then left foot out to the side (or start with your right foot if you prefer). Once you've done that, be sure to pinch your glutes and fully lock out the weight, then take a second to let the weight settle on your back. Once you've walked out, locked the weight in a stable position and settled it; begin to squat. That alone made a huge improvement on my knees caving because I felt solid from the start and I saved energy on the walkout.

Sorry for the long post, hope some of this helps.


one thing i found to help keep my upper back tight is to have a closer grip. i feel like by bringing my hands in, in order to grab the bar im constantly trying to keep my back tight to get into the right position and keep my elbows under.


*knees buckle in slightly
*quad dominance

I think these two problems have a relation with eachother. Try to start the squat from the hips and push your knees out directly after this and be sure to keep the weight on the heels. Try to practice with a low weight.

*losing tighnes in upperback
*tail tucking at bottom

Also two related problems according to me. If you still squat like in the movie; you don't lose tightness, you don't have it at all. Your elbows are way out from the bar. Try to keep your elbows under the bar and keep your head up, start with this while the barbell is racked. Because you are not arched in the upper back, the lower back is also loose. A very good and short tutorial is this one:

It has 5 parts


To help with upper back tightness, I sometimes find it necessary to stretch my lats, chest, and shoulders. I have to warm up my shoulders too sometimes, usually with dislocates.


In the SQ video, you look like you never really get an arch or get tight enough. The entire set-up looks a little loose. I can't tell if your back is weak or if it's that you don't get into the correct position to start with.
I would recommend finding the "so you think you can squat" video series in the article section over at elitefts to show you proper set-up, arch, and tightness. From there you can diagnose your weaknesses and figure out what assistance work will benefit you most.



so, can any one mention appart from verbal cues...how i can keep my upper back arched....i know if i had a yoke bar that would be good...but unfortunatly i cant.


Watch the videos I mentioned. One of the most important things is keeping the lats tight