Help Fixing My First Cycle

I have been trying to get AAS from some online sources, and have gotten burned once and had an order seized the next time. I have lost about $500 total, and am getting discouraged. I was planning on running 250mg e3d of test e for 10 weeks, 30 mg ed dbol for w 1-4 then run clomid at 50 ed for at week 12 for 3 weeks. I thought this would be an alright beginner cycle, but I am giving up on actually getting any at all. If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it a lot.

Keep some nolva on hand in case the Dbol & Test aromatize.

All I can say is that you arent buying from walmart. Theres no customer satisfaction, money back guarantee bull honky. Keep on trying and all you can do is hope it goes through. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Cheers

It is a particularly hard time to buy online at the moment…

fucking Olympics

[quote]Dave1188 wrote:
fucking Olympics [/quote]

Fucking Athletes have all the gear used!