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Help Fixing My "Big Three" Form



Yeah, I was talking about finding specialists with powerlifitng background. The 2 I know ,that I would go to, charge like 150€ monthly.


Hey Chris Your freemonth kabukistrength code woreked like charm. Thank You. I ll definitely look into all their resources now that I have access.

Now about my training so far: Every training I did 3 sets of mcgill big 3 and was exhausted after and sucked at squat and deadlift. Today I did only 2 sets of deadbugs to “activate” core and went straight to sumo deadlifts. The weights felt light so I ended up with going for 130kg x 5 which felt great for sumo deadlift. I am starting to get stronger at sumo than conventional :open_mouth:
I have trouble with high bar though. Maybe quad weakness but I can’t even go above 80kg. I did a lot more doing low bar.

Looking at my pictures I noticed I have lateral pelvic tilt. (my right hip is maybe 2 cm higher than left and my left shoulder is lower than the other. I always thought that has to do with scoliosis but now i think my hips are problem)
Now doing some research I found out it indeed can cause all sort of problems (like lower back pain) and that most commonly the QL is tight on the side where hip is higher and weak at other. When doing lacrosse ball release my right QL feels tighter though.
I mostly “figured” this out when I recently started doing bulgarian split squats. I have no trouble doing with my left leg in front but when i put my right leg in front i struggle a lot. Like, I can’t do half reps I did on left.
I intend to do this program: http://posturedirect.com/lateral-pelvic-tilt/ which supposedly should fix the problem.
I never felt like I am uneven in squats or deadlifts but then again I don’t even notice hip shift in mirror, only on picture. Should I continue doing compound movements? Or would it worsen the problem?

I wonder those someone reads this anymore. I wrote a lot in this thread already :badpokerface:


It sounds like you overdid it, no need to pre-exhaust yourself with warmup/activation stuff.

That is a good question. If you have a bunch of postural issues then sorting that out would definitely take priority over training for powerlifting. I assume that you could do both at the same time but again, I’m not a specialist in this sort of stuff. Ask the Kabuki coaches.


I was on a little break from gym. Here is my last squat. It’s high bar. I am having trouble progressing with it. I feel like my form is off or something.

Front squat also.

All help appreciated…


Your descent looks a bit hesitant but overall it’s OK. I don’t front squat and I have no useful advice for those, I didn’t even watch the video.


Don’t look dowm before you front squat. That will end very badly with decent weight on the bar. Otherwise looks okay, you may want to try keep more upright.


I have trouble getting behind the bar :S


Started 531 again. Here are two lifts from this week (3rd week of 531)


Feels awkward still. Idk what I am doing wrong. My lower back rounds a bit at bottom from what I can see. My upper back wants to round too and I have to put too much effort in keeping it straight. Damn it feels like my legs don’t work at all


To me it looks like my hips are way too high. If I lower them they will just shoot back up before bar leaves the floor though…

This was supposed to be my 10 rep 4th boring but big set ( I did sumo):
It wasn’t heavy it just burned my lower back. I had to stop at 3 and it feel tight for 20 mins.

Any tips appreciated xd