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Help Fixing My "Big Three" Form



I looked up some of Chris Duffin videos and realized there is much more abut bracing then I am doing…I started doing some of his drills like loaded deadbugs.

Still I have trouble bracing when I am bent like in deadlift or at bottom of squat. Maybe I am deadlifting too narrow.


Its a skill that takes time to practice and make automatic. Give yourself cues and give it time to stick. Don’t go throwing everything about hoping you’ll fall ass backwards into a good position. Or get a coach.


Well the only few coaches, that I know are worth going to, charge like half the average salary. Wouldn’t be problem if I had full time job but I am studying atm. So I am pretty much relying on internet only right now. Perhaps I ll get one month coaching on summer break…


If you can’t brace properly then I doubt you need to load deadbugs, they are hard enough on their own if you do them properly. You have to keep your ribs locked onto your pelvis and allow no movement in any direction, which is exactly what you should be doing when you brace during a squat or deadlift.