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Help Fixing My "Big Three" Form



Do I try to sit back too far or is it ok?


You do sit back quite a bit, but that looks like it’s due to leverages more than anything. Heeled shoes would allow you to be more upright, but that might not allow you to lift more so it’s questionable if it’s worth it. You are able to squat to depth, your squat doesn’t look terrible, and you don’t appear to be doing anything that is a high risk or injury so I would say just keep doing what you are doing and getting stronger. Over time you will figure out your technique.

Juggernaut has some good videos for technique on the squat, bench and deadlift, check them out and see what you can learn.


One thing though, you don’t need to walk out so far. Just clear the hooks and you are good. With lighter weights it doesn’t make much difference, but add a couple hundred pounds to the bar and you won’t want to go any further than necessary. Learn good habits now rather than fix them later.


Thanks for feedback. I do experience lower back pain sometimes after squats though.
I ll try less steps. I did hit the side of squat rack with plates few times depending on which bar is available at the gym :d

I can’t even do high bar squats anymore since I am used to leaning forward.
I started hitting PR-s again on last AMRAP sets so I am quite happy but don’t want to injure my lower back.


Work on your bracing. It looks like you have some degree of butt wink going on but I can’t tell if you are actually going into flexion or if you just start the squat with a bit of extension and then shift towards neutral at the bottom. Pause squats will help sort out your bottom position, you could do a couple sets of 3-5 after your main work sets.


Hope You didn’t get bored of me :d

Managed to hit good rep pr today.

Then I did joker sets :

My knees are like totally unlocked O.o

And I was hoping someone could look at my row form which is not so good I think.


I don’t mind some body english on a row - you gotta find what works for you in keeping your big 3 moving - but I think you should keep your torso stiff. Your head is bopping around more than an escort in vegas on new year’s eve.


Yep I figured out I got too much movement in torso :confused:

I ll lower the weight next time I guess this is too much.
(I am used to rowing “bodybulding style” where I don’t let weight touch floor and these pendlay rows are kinda hard :d)


I felt like my lower back is on fire again…
I really don’t like my squat form. I d really want to be more upright but I fu**ing can’t…
I don’t like depth of it.
I tried cue from Juggernaut training system today: Keep knees forward as long as u can when going up from the hole. I felt knee pain in first set with light weight (probably let my knee cave in) but nothing on heavier sets. I also felt it a lot in my quads.
I really don’t know why my lower back was on fire. Butt wink?
I also think I decent too slow which I think is confidence problem.



Bar looks like it comes forward as you descend…


Thinking about transitioning to high bar because I am struggling with lower back pain and can’t get my upper back in nice position under bar.
I started doing 1 hour targeted mobility work daily. Focusing mainly on my hips (my external rotation sucks and my hips flexors are tight), ankle mobility and trying to open up thoracic spine. Also some core stability work and some stuff for my extension based back pain. I ll see if it gets better.


Take a shot directly from the side please.

From this video, to me, there is a lot movement in your spine. Bit of flexion at both ends at the bottom, that’s probably a combination of mobility, weakness, not bracing hard enough and technique.

You don’t need an hour of mobility work (10 minutes in the evening a few times per week is fine). You need to practice being stiff and bracing, it takes conscious effort. Do stuff to strengthen your glutes and core (bird dogs, etc)

You are also extending your neck. I lose a lot of power doing that, try tucking your chin a bit (a bit does not mean trying to touch your chin to your chest and it doesn’t mean look down).


Amrap set from same workout.

I include foam rolling and some stretching some mobility work with bands and it always hits 30+ mins.
What exercises would you do if you were in my place?
Thanks for replying


I don’t see any mobility issues, I see bracing issues. Learn to brace properly.

There is no reason to spend an hour a day on mobility unless you are learning to walk again. I have tight hips, what I do is 90/90 stretch, sit in a full squat and hold it (hold something that won’t move like a doorknob), and hip flexor stretch. Maybe 10 minutes, only on days that I don’t squat.


Well I d rather not do mobility at all, just doing 90/90 and I want to fucking cry lol
But I came to point where I have to.

I don’t know how can You complete it in 10 minutes.
How much do you hold those stretches?
I have to stretch my pecs/shoulder and t-spine as well. I always do shoulder dislocations before squats so I can get bar lower.

I do brace though, not correctly probably. Any cues, tips or exercises to improve that?


I’m only doing lower body mobility work, upper body would add maybe another 10 minutes but I don’t feel that I need it. I do some dislocation-type things between squat warmup sets and that’s enough. My exact mobility routine goes like this: hip airplane x15 on each side (I didn’t mention this because it’s more like a warmup than an actual stretch), 90/90 transitions x15 - this is a dynamic stretch going back and forth, I only hold it for a static stretch if my hips (TFL to be exact) are bugging me which is not that often. Then 3x 30 sec. squat stretch and 2x each leg 30sec. hip flexor stretch. I used to do the tactical frog stretch but after a while it seemed like it was causing more harm than good so I stopped. The tactical frog probably added 2 minutes.

There are a lot of videos on bracing, the best ones are from Chris Duffin. Kabuki Movement Systems has a lot of videos on bracing and mobility, it isn’t free but it might be worth getting a one month membership. They often have free one month trials too, look at the Instagram page to see if you can find something. I signed up twice for two months and cancelled after, the information is good but they don’t put out a lot of new stuff so I didn’t see the point of paying more. You can even cancel at the end of a free membership.


Not a best angle and didn’t record unrack -.-

I started using cue “try to push bench behind you” by flexing quads and trying to do leg extension. Before all I did is push into the ground and flex glutes. This was is much easier on my lowerback and I almost didn’t feel a thing until AMRP set where I did feel a bit of pain on 6th rep.

My forearms hurt as fuck though especially right one (I did use wraps next set but still hurts just when I release the bar). I am pretty sure I have dorsal wrist impingement or carpal tunnel on the right because pain is chronic for 2 years now. (shit healthcare so I can’t get it checked)

Anything that could improve my bench?


Explode off your chest. I reckon you can get tighter as well.


It looks like you might be tucking your elbows too much, try benching with more elbow flare and see it that helps

Forearm pain can be related to low bar squatting. I try to minimize low bar squatting because it causes me all sorts of issues. High bar squats are the next closest thing unless you buy a buffalo/duffalo bar or a transformer bar, they all cost a lot of money though. A regular safety squat bar is great too but the movement pattern is significantly different, too much would probably throw off your low bar technique.