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Help. Fixing a Deca Only Cycle


I fucked up

ive beenrunnin deca for e past 4 weeks andnow m in th fifth week ..m doin an only deca only cycle and thnk i better use some test w it...as its very suppressive as i jus foun out hahaha...was ththnkin of doin it for 12 weeks cycle...m already at 4th week waitin to shoot 5th week soon.....

been liftin for quite a while pure natral small ass asian lol...now i cant get my gears togehter till month end should i stop and get everythin ready or should i jus continue and then get my test to run w it later on...gurus pls advise...m a virgin to cycle this is my first cycle and m fucked by my dealer..late stocks.

fuck...need sincere advise, will post a pic o myself soon so u guys can see wha my problemm is..lol pls advise me on wha kinda cycle is gd for me as i gotten over my long 26 years phobia of injections.:)its still a problem but takin it one jab at a time hahaha my stats are:

bf now roun 25%?
height 177
i hope thats enough ? :slightly_smiling:

my intended cycle deca bout 150 mg/week
sus 250 and nolva for on cycle and off cycle m doin nolvadex w clomid nly..
But m runnin deca 150mg/week now only...should i stop??

sincereappreciate any advise given here..i feel fucked up for startin to say the least but i don wanna have any sides cause m prone for gyno..and i thnik my balls are shrinkin!!! lol man this is fucked :slightly_smiling:


sorry i forgot to ask should i do deca w primo depot or sust 250??which is a better alternative??


Oh my God. If you want help please type legibly and use the free spell check option provided by the site.

I got almost through the second line before I started to feel a migraine coming on and had to stop.

Punctuation. Paragraph breaks. Capitalization. Complete words. Spaces. Spelling. The only single letter words in your post should be "a" or "I."

Honestly, you guys want help (and it's always you guys that joined this week with a post count I could tell on one hand), you need to learn how to properly ask for it. It isn't even any more work to type correctly. It's just different keystrokes.



relax bro!lol ok i need some serious help here..m in the 5th week of only deca cylce and now i feel somethins wrong and thnk its e test that m not runnin it with...sould i stop now or should i jus continue it and run test by month end??m doin deca 150 mg/week...


something is wrong all right...and its not just your cycle


Seriously fuck you for using one letter in place of whole words. If that becomes a trend with internet communication I'll be pissed.


Going to save Brook the hassle of typing it out again:

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That made me laugh. You won't stop communicating via internet, but goddammit you'll be pissed...haha.

OP: Stop being a douche and post correctly. I can't read past your first line without seeing double and wanting to vomit. If you truly are typing to the best of your ability than you probably don't have the IQ to be using AAS (and yes I would argue that IQ is a factor in who should and shouldn't be using.)


All the guys that posted above are good guys and make a valid point. Please respond accordingly.

Deca is not the best drug to cut on and at 25% it seems that would be your goal. I would say stop the deca right now at 150mg/w. Luckily its not very high dose and hopefully your sexual problems will go away soon. You may want to order some cabergoline which is a prolactin antagonist (drives down prolactin). Deca is a very long ester compound and the half life is around 8 days. But again at 150mg/w it shouldn't take more than a week or so for blood levels to fall to the point than your own body will again start producing testosterone.

I advise not using steroids at all until you get your body composition under control and pack on some natural muscle.

For quick relief of your immediate problem, start on cabergoline. A little SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) like tamoxifen citrate = street name "Nolvadex" for normal PCT (post cycle therapy) might also be good to get your own production up and running more quickly.

They don't call is deca-dick for nothing :wink:


it can take up to 3 months for your sexual problems to go away so just stopping may not be your best option.

i would recommend getting caber as there guys have suggested (take .5mg 2x/w) and start running some test as soon as you can (300mg/w should be enough given your size). The test (assuming it is enanthate) needs to be injected at least twice a week.

stop your deca shots at least 3 weeks before you stop your test shots so the deca has time to clear out before your test does. make sure you do a proper PCT.


Used it? I find that it is actually a really decent drug to drop fat on. Sure it holds water but NOTHING like Test, and it is hella anabolic too.. so with a high protein intake you build muscle, drop fat and it really helps with a lean and muscular look - add proviron/mast and winstrol and it would significantly assist in a good look when low bodyfat.

Of course this is totally dependant on prolactin control - so caber is really a necessity when i advise someone on nandrolone these days. JMO

Yeah.. hopefully. He is right in that the low dose will work in your favour - but on the other hand if you are suffering with 150mg/wk (even i didn't at that dose) then you may well suffer for MONTHS if you don't do something about the prolactin increase.

It may be a bit more complicated than that - apart from raised estrogen being suppressive, prolactin is too and it stays around a lot longer than estrogen - the ester will just add insult to injury in that regard.
Basically, AI, Caber and SERM would be needed to recover.
If you don't want to recover - Caber is needed regardless.

Nolvadex isn't a 'street' name for christ sake! it is the brand name!


Brook is right. I wouldn't just stop and hope it gets better, you are still fucked if you do that.

This is the cycle you should be on...if you can get this stuff fast try to:

Proper Newbie Cycle

Test 300mg/w (shot at least 2x/w)
Deca 150mg/w (stop this a few weeks before you stop the test)
Arimidex 0.25mg ED (adjust this according to estrogen sides...keep running it a few weeks after you stop everything else to avoid estrogen rebound)
Caber 0.5mg 2x/w for as long as the deca is in your system (which is about a month after you stop pinning it)
HCG 250iu 3x/w (this is optional but will really help your recovery)

Post Cycle

Nolvadex 40mg/d for the first week and then 20mg/d for 3 weeks after that


Up the Nandrolone to 200mg/wk - this is a fine dose.


I am planning on incorporating deca into my my next cycle. Can someone elaborate on caber for me? or post a link?