Help Fix My Squat!!!!

Hi all, the past 5-6 weeks whenever i squat i find myself leaning forward uncontrollably so it ends up being a hybrid o-squat/ good morning lift. this is even happening when i’m warming up and i am powerless to stop it. it is also starting to take its toll on my lower back as for the first time in my life i’m having lower back pain. i know it’s being caused by my sudden uncontrollable bad form on the o-squat. can any of you out there give me some advice on fixing my squat?

IMHO, it is most likely do to tight hip flexors. Try stretching them out and see what happens. If you still cannot fix the problem post in Eric Cressey’s thread. I am sure that he can lead you in right direction, a lot more information will be needed, however.


Try box squats for a while or reduce the weight until you can maintain form and start working back to your goal.

The sudden aspect of it makes it sound like an injury with the body shutting down certain muscles to protect itself. I’ve noticed on some of my past injuries (chronic ones) that inexplicable unilateral weakness sometimes precedes the feeling of pain by several days. Food for thought.

Stretching and reduce the load.

Lighten the weight until you get your correct form back. Then gradually increase.

Lower the weight until you feel your form is down. No sense I really hurting yourself. Make sure the bar is sitting high up on your back and your feet are about shoulder width apart. Grasp the bar as close to your shoulders as you can. Also if you squat in front of a mirror try not to look at yourself. Find a point about 2 to 3 feet higher than your head and look at it the entire time you squat. This will keep your from lowering your head which allows the bar to roll up higher on your neck. This should help to keep your shoulders over your hips throughout the lift.