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Help Fix My Posture


please help me fix my posture, ( dont rate me, i know im weak :wink: )


picture is of course taken without any pump, flexing, whatever…

im 18, around 180 lbs.,
my main sport is basketball
i am already concentrating on compound movements squats etc, but i cant make the improvements i want, and i think correcting my posture will definately help, plus it looks ugly, too.

do you need any more details?

Your posture doesn’t look that bad. Focus on good form on your lifts and adding weight to the bar.

usually you want to post a profile picture if you want posture help

Considering this is your first post, along with your grammar, this just screams troll.

However, i’ll try and help out. My posture used to be a lot similar / worse to yours.

It seems that your hips are the cause of your slight ‘tilt’. You can fix this with regular stretches (hip flexor stretches, IT band stretches, quad/hamstring stretches, oblique stretches etc.).

As far as exercises go, I recommend doing lots of lunges, one-legged deadlifts & split squats, dumbbell side-bends and some torso rotation. Regular deadlifts won’t hurt either

I would also do some glute activation exercises such as hip thrusts from the ground.

Also just spend a couple hours a day in front of a mirror, rotating your hips & stretching where necassery. Sometimes it’s very hard to get things into alignment in the mirror, so don’t get stressed out and stay relaxed.

This all of course is still only an observation from two pictures you have given, but I have taken many of myself in the past to fix my posture and they look strikingly similar to yours, do you happen to carry a bag on one shoulder by any chance?

But doing what I said above fixed my posture and straightened me up quite a bit. However, since I left it late and didn’t fix it quickly, it effected my upper body and I have trouble contracting my back/chest muscles evenly, which is getting better now.

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You have a winged scapula. Strengthen your Serattus Anterior.