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Help Fix My Diet

I’m going back to school in 2 weeks, so it will change some (less meals, probably bigger meals), but here is what I am currently eating pretty much every day.

4 eggs scrambled (little milk added)
8 oz. milk with 1 scoop Grow!
Sometimes a banana

Lunch 1 (11:30):
6 oz. (idk exactly, I think it is) chicken breast, 1 cup rice
PB sandwich on wheat bread
10 oz milk
some veggies

Lunch 2 (2 pm):
repeat lunch 1

Mid-afternoon (4 pm):
PB sandwich
8 oz. milk with 1 scoop Grow!

Dinner (6 pm):
Varies widely, sometimes meats with veggies, sometimes pizza, sometimes pasta. I don’t have a choice, step-mom cooks for whole family and we don’t have money buy any special dinner for me.

Late night food (8 or 9 pm):
PB sandwich (thrown in because im hungry, suggestions welcome)

So as you can see, my food mainly consists of chicken, rice, eggs, milk, and PB sandwiches. I would like to know what you would change about this, since I know it has quite a few problems. I don’t really have much money, so I can’t go and get a lot of stuff, which is why I eat PB so much. I am trying to bulk if that helps. Dinner, I can get a good meal 3 days a week or so, but usually it’s pizza, pasta, other stuff that isn’t all that great for me. Since we have to feed a family, I don’t get a say in what it’s going to be every night, so if you guys know some cheap suggestions as to what I can do, i’d appreciate it. I eat this every day, WO days and non-WO days. WO usually goes between Lunches, or before 1st lunch. I take Surge PWO, then eat Lunch 1 or 2.

Would tuna be good to add instead of a PB sandwich at night? just eat the tuna straight outta the can or what?

Also, I understand I don’t have an amazing diet, but im trying to work with what I have, so my options aren’t huge.

late night stuff to consider:

scoops of PB (w/o bread)
cottage cheese

slow digesting protien & fats

have fun back at school man.

are you trying to lose weight or gain weight? are you working out?