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Help First Cycle Sus250

Hi all I plan on running sus250 for 12weeks at 1ml per week as a straight cycle… Not too shaw about ptc I was thinking about pergnyl 5000iu 2-3 weeks after sus is done… Or winstrol 50mg not shaw how much to take as is is in 1ml vials too… I do not want anythink oral I want to keep my liver and kidney…

I’m 25 years old
67 kg
Work out every second day
I have a good diet

good idea fo shaw

67kg thats huuuge

Hcg and Winny for pct???

Only 1ml a week???

You need to do a LOT more research

fuarrrrk your gonna blow out of control. i suggest run a cycle of grammar and spelling

I thought it was Aboriginal Gibberish, lol