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Help, First Cycle Opinions

Hey brahs,been searching for about half a year right now about my first cycle and think im finally good to go what u think about this as my first cycle:

8 Week Cycle

-Var,40mg for first 2 weeks to “kick start” cycle

-Prop,100mg EOD

4/5 week PCT

-Nolva,40/40/20/20/10mg ED

-Clomid,100/100/50/50/25mg ED

Now obviously the cycle lacks 2 things which is why im here in the first place

1)Should I really take an AI while one cycle like Adex or Aromasin to prevent any
gyno action or estrogen convertion? Or i dont really need it at those doses and it would affect
my gains? Its very controversional thats why I ask and many say AI’s are overrated and that
i should take SERM instead

2)When should I take HCG? Many people say while on cycle to prevent the balls from shrinking others say after cycle to restore normal hormonal balances on the body? What u think?

BTW I wanna do a cutting diet while on it any tips you consider a must with this cycle and a cut?

350 mg a week of prop is not a lot, I think a lot of guys could get away without an AI I’d keep one on hand if you have problems, 2 HCG twice a week on cycle should help keep everything functioning ok, and make cycle recovery much smoother, I would inject all cycle just don’t go crazy on the doses and desensitize your balls, as far as cutting I would try to get something like albuterol or clen, keep carbs around your workout and you should be gtg

Researching for half a year, but I could put a better cycle together and answer your questions just by searching “First Cycle” On T-Nation forums and looking at the most recent topics which would take approximitley 3 minutes hahaha…

Adex @ 0.25-0.5 mg eod and HCG @ 250iu 3x per week throughout all cycle until PCT ffs.

Then just one SERM for PCT.

Its so simple.

I got a problem though guys my hcg won’t be here soon enough as I start the cycle in some days I will prob have while I will be around 2 weeks on test already what I though is then how is hcg working as a pct? I’ve heard that when u finish ur cycle u go in hcg for about 2 weeks then finish it with serms what u think about that?

…you could just start your cycle later.

Never start a cycle until you have absolutely everything you need for it IN YOUR HANDS. You never know if something might go wrong.


Fkn right bro true so :
•Test prop 100mg EOD
•Adex 0.25mg EOD
•HCG 250iu 3x per weeks?
•Clomid/Nolva 4-5 weeks?

-Isn’t that a bit of high HCG dose? Should I go 250iu x2 or x3 times a week?
-will just one SERM like nolva o clomid ensure full recovery with no problems at all? Or should I take both to be 100% sure?

I was just about to say the same thing…clearly not researching enough lol…blows my mind that ppl F this up

lol I don’t think I got anything so wrong man…

hCG at 750ui/wk for the entire cycle. Do not use hCG during PCT. That will keep your LH/FSH production shut down.

DO NOT take both SERMs. The two are less effective than just one.

4-5 week PCT is not sufficient, and those SERM doses are way too high. You should do a low dose (20mg nolva or 25mg clomid ED) for 8 weeks for PCT.

I don’t understand how using an AI is considered controversial? Other than taking advantage of a little extra bloat from high E it only makes sense to control it. Blows my mind, especially when you see all the problems people have when they don’t take it. And that’s only the stuff you see short term!

yeah I don’t get why folk are so reluctant to take it. Everyone always asks “do I really need the AI?” and I can’t understand it.

OP - what’s your rationale behind not wanting to use the AI? Is it just the extra expense or what?

I read on some forums and shit that taking an AI while the doses u run aren’t that high can limit ur gains due to estrogen being too low but fuck that lol I’m gonna run it 0.25 like the guys said above my nips are already puffy while natty lol

That sounds like people not understanding that it’s just sloppy water weight that you gain from omitting AI.

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Nice brahs I got my test today I got the testorapid alpha pharm propionate 10 ampoules of 100ml so I’ll have this for almost 3 weeks I’ll order my hcg Adex and nolva and when I got them on hand I’ll finally start my first cycle
•prop 100mg EOD for 8 weeks
•adex 0.25mg EOD
•HCG x2 250iu EW
•nolva 40/20mg ED for 6/8 weeks
I got some anavar as well
My cycle will be mostly for lean muscle gains with putting as little bf as possible any advice for that? When should I use anavar first 2 weeks to kick start cycle or 2 last weeks to lean out? Also should I add in clen or anything like that?

I’ve got a friend who recently added in an AI and crashed his E, and was only running .1mg EOD. He was running 500mg test/week. But he had the sense to at least find out that he was overly sensitive to Adex.

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I’m all about that letro, 'bout that letro, no adex

I over responded to adex as well, but if you are paying attention you will figure it out real quick. In fact, I am sensitive to aromasin as well. Does that mean I am just a low converter to E2? And yeah, I am terrified of letro lol.

Did my first injection today brahs gotta say prop hurts like a morherfucker lol and also some of the vial went fkn out because alpha pharm testorapid ampoules are fucked up u can’t draw with the needle so instead of getting 100mg I got like 90 or smth fuck that I try to fix it next time

My AI comment wasn’t necessary that he shouldn’t use one, more of a less is more, crashing your E2 then trying to figure out whats the right dose is a lot harder than starting at a very small dose and slowly working up if you have sides

Fuaaaarrrkkk prop is awesome I’ll keep u updated