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Help Finding TRT Doctor in Central Qld or Brissy (Australia)

Hey guys,

tried search and had no luck. My local GPs aren’t even willing to entertain bloods for low test or TRT.

My options are limited and willing to travel. Has anyone got recommendations for a doc who knows their **** with TRT in central QLD or Brissy / Coats way?

I’m 35 and Doc balking at my age.


They have a duty of care to inspect, as its your health.
I requested my blood work for own reasons last year. Just said I was feeling super fatigued and gave them the full list of things I wanted checked and they gave me a referel to a douglas hanly moir.

I couldnt imagine QLD would be any different, just go to some random bulk billing and ask for one.

Yeah if i was in a bigger city she’d be right, but I’m in middle of nowhere n 1 doc in town. I might have to wait until I head into a bigger center and find a random bulk bill but was hoping someone could recommend a good doc.