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Help Finding Singers


I thought about posting this in the new music thread but, did not want to hijack it. What I am looking for are powerful male singers. I have searched all kinds of lists but, usually get singers like Elvis, Jim Morrison, and Mick Jagger I am not saying they are bad but, I think it is more of style with them. I am looking for powerful singers that would be the male equivalents of Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Patti labelle or the english language equivalents of Luis Miguel. Any Help?


Otis Redding. Best male voice ever, hands down, as far as I'm concerned. I've Been Loving You, Tramp, Try A Little Tenderness, Let Me Come On Home, Ole Man Trouble, That's How Strong My Love Is, fuck! You can't go wrong with that stuff. Of course, you can't go wrong with the following either:

Wilson Pickett (Ninety and a Half is one of my favorite tunes of all-time and Pickett's voice is the highlight for me)

Chris Cornell (not a fan, but he does have a really good voice)

Robert Plant (in his Zeppelin days I don't think I've ever heard a male singer of any genre of popular music with the vocal range that he had.)

Steve Perry (Journey's for fucking ass-pirates, but he does have a really good voice)

Don Henley (I was never a huge Eagles fan, but Henley's singing on Hotel California, One of These Nights and The Long Run is pretty damn good)

Prince (need I say more?)

Rod Stewart (his singing style has changed considerably since his days with The Faces. You might like his newer stuff)

Michael Hutchence (INXS is a personal favorite, and I don't think there's any song more sexy-sounding than I Need You Tonight. Hutchence's voice is what does it. No homo.)

Curtis Mayfield (if you aren't familiar with Superfly, then you are seriously deprived)

Any list of male singers wouldn't be complete without Marvin Gaye. Perhaps the only person on the list whose voice (imo) is as good as Redding's. Sexual Healing and Let's Get It On are obvious choices, but his entire catalogue is worthy of praise.


^nice list. With you on Otis.

Al green


Jackie Wilson - Stuff is a little dated by now but still blows me away.

Sam Cooke?
Stevie Wonder?
That asshole dude from the temptations who had a crap solo career?
Michael Jackson?
John Fogerty could sing

Throwing em out there. Feel free to quibble.

Edit: I'm all mixed up.
David Ruffin had the better voice, Eddie Kendricks was the asshole.


Aaron Neville, this man has an amazing, beautiful voice.
Mark Knophler, not because he has any kind of range but he sings like a story teller.
Don Henley, particularly the song "Providence". Gives me shivers.
Michael Jackson, Off the Wall disk. That voice takes me back to being a kid listening to am radio.
Elton John, ditto on the am radio thing.

When I see it in a list, makes me realize that the songs I listened to as a pre-teen are the ones that have stuck with me the most. I know this thread is about male singers, but this list has to have Linda Ronstadt on it too. Man I am old.




Tobias Sammet leadsinger of European Power Metal band Edguy.

Five octave range.

Other than that the rest of my recommends are all metal also: Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford, Bruce Dickenson, Steven Tyler (ok thats not metal), David Coverdale, Freddy Mercury duh, Robert Plant, and i'll also put in a mention for Axl Rose,


If you want to ruin the fun for yourself search for rolling stones list of 100 greatest singers.


Other than Plant, those guys are all fags!


Ruffin. I guess the rest of the temptations were pretty good too.


Matthew Bellamy (Muse) and Freddie Mercury (Queen). These guys are at least in my top 5 best male vocalists of all time


Oh and it would be a crime to leave off Johnny Cash


Daniel Heiman


Tobias Sammet + 1
Rob Halford + 1
Ronnie Dio + 1
Russell Allen
James LaBrie
Tony Kakko
Arjen Anthony Lucassen
Hansi Kursh
Roy Khan




A little something for everyone.

Bill Withers

Greg Allman

Burton Cummings

Bob Seger (older stuff)

Joe Cocker

Roger Daltry

Danny Joe Brown

Dave Wyndorf

Leslie West

Ann Wilson

Trent Reznor

Mitch Rider

Maynard James Keenan

John Kay

Jon Anderson

Scott Weiland

Derek St. Holmes

Billy Gibbons

Warren Haynes

Zakk Wylde

Corey Glover


Dan McCafferty

Robin Zander

Chris Robinson


Three not mentioned yet:

Layne Staley

Leslie West (of Mountain)

Paul Rodgers


Testy already mentioned Leslie West.

But IMHO, Paul Rodgers is one of the best ever, and in fact sounds better now than he did in his younger days.


How did Phil Collins not make any of these lists?


Everytime his suspicious minds cover comes on the radio at work I want to punch myself in the ears. His voice makes me want to van gogh myself.

Its about damn time.