Help Finding Old T-Nation Routine

Hello, all.

I am trying to find a routine from an article on the site several years ago. It included a weekly plan at the end, structured IIRC, to include a explosive/ power exercise, then a strength one, then some hypertrophy, then some ESW each day.

So a sample day would have looked something like:

A. High pull (4x4)
B. Squat (3x8)
C1 Chest Press (4x10)
C2 Row (4x10)
D Sprints (4 x 100m)

I can find a few similar-ish articles re. subjects like ‘predator conditioning/ building the perfect athlete/ crossfit/ apex whatever’ but cannot find this one.

Can anyone help? Or link me to a similar routine?

Many thanks

Pretty sure a lot of program would fit that general template of hitting a bit of everything in one session.

In particular, Thib’s Renaissance Development pops out as being similar to the setup you listed: Renaissance Body Development

"Each training session should be built as follow:

Part I: Agility/dynamic mobility drills (10 minutes)
Part II: Strength training (30 minutes)
Part III: GPP work (15 minutes)
Part IV: Low intensity energy systems work (20-30 minutes) – optional"

Charley Gould’s force-velocity program also hits power, strength, and hypertrophy work every day: Out-Lift the Big Guys, Out-Perform the Little Guys

Eric Bach also has a couple of athletic-muscle type programs, usually hitting different training methods throughout the week instead of all in one session.


V grateful and honoured for the reply from you.

Will take a look- thanks

No prob. That Renaissance program popped out in my head because I used it as a template when I was working with some paintball players years ago. It’s good stuff.