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Help Finding Me A Truck


hey fellas, i been lookin around for a truck and i been havin a hell of a time. right now my limit is 12,000 since im in college and only work part time. i looked at a 99 chevy s-10 xtreme first, but it had 80,000 miles and i hear their trannies like to go out. any ideas on some good trucks that arent gonna shit out on me for under $12k?


I'm a Chevy guy all the way...I have a Chevy Silverado ext cab and I just LOVE the hell out of it...It's newer but I'm sure you can find a used one for around that price. I had a 97 GMC before that and had absolutely zero problems with it.


I second this. My GMC Sierra is great(same truck as Chevy Silverado). For under $12,000 you will probably have to get a regular cab though, unless you are willing to take a higher mileage truck.


IMHO, the way to go is to get a classic, like a 70's Jeep or Bronco... less to go wrong, easier and cheaper to fix, plus they made a hellova truck back then.

I have an 83 Bronco, bought it for 300 bux, had the tranny rebuilt, no trouble since. It looks like hell, but drives great, has COMFY seats, and the best part is, I don't mind beatin' it up a bit.

but then again, it's not my primary transportation.


12K? tough dude, like the 2 above said is a good idea dont touch the s-10, lots of problems with it period.or go for an old school toyota, it will last you believe me. or even go for an SUV like toyota 4runner, fun to drive..


I like the way you think! ( I have a 94)

1) Toyota (almost too obvious)
2) Late 80's K2500 (3/4) ton. Solid axle, parts plenty and cheap.
3) Late model year XJ Cherokee (but you said "truck")
4) Latest Ford SD you can buy. (get a deisel!)



Don't buy Chevy. Crap trucks.

Its all about Dodge. You can't really buy a Dakota outright with 12,000, but you can finance it.

Chicks dig a guy who drives a black dakota too.






I've got a ford.It keeps me happy(my girlfriend is jealous).


You can get a very nice used Tacoma for 12K. Don't get anything else used.


Did you just happen across that Bronco? I'm finding that vehicles worth $300 aren't usually listed on the Internet or newspapers.