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Help Finding Benzyl Benzoate?

Were I have been ordering from is out of stock. I tried the Filter factory but the ordering thingy doesn’t work. The only place I could find it was Ebay, but it was kinda expensive for what you got. I hope this isn’t a source violation by asking?

Source of what? A legal chemical solvent?

Try google.

Not precisely but it still is best not to blast the names of those companies out there that will sell such things to individuals – many chemical suppliers have policies to sell only to businesses – whether it is the case that they sell it knowing it will be self-injected, or having no idea whatsoever. Either would very likely rather not have it broadcast that that is happening with what they sell.

Why not just try something simple such as using Google and looking for:

“benzyl benzoate” shipping

(so as to find pages that include the word shipping, which may indeed omit many that are useful but at least narrows it down: certainly you can try other ideas as well)

Or try shopwiki

I haven’t specifically used either method for this search as it certainly is no harder for you to try than for me.

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