Help Finding an Article

Ive been reading tnation for around 6 and a half years now, and when i first started reading i found an article back then. It was a back centered article, about the rhomboids and the rear deltoids, there was a movement , i have been looking for this article, and havent had much luck, dont remember which author it was by. but the barbell exercise , youd get a super wide grip, and row it to your chest, usually using lower weights than a typical barbell row.

I was just wondering if anyone has any clue what im talking about, i searched batwing rows, rhomboids, back exercises, etc etc, and i went through years worth of articles, reading to see if i could find it. No luck, if anyone has a clue, or finds it , please let me know, want to read it to refresh myself, and for nostalgia’s sake.