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Help Finding Advice For Olympic Workouts


I am looking for some solid olympic workouts. Clean and Jerks and Snatch. I am wanting to maybe attend and compete in a meet. However I am having a hard time finding information about the governing bodies in this sport. USA Weightlifting's website is horrible! ANy info would be great!


Try pinging Koing about that. He may be able to steer you to some sources...


I found a coach in my area with very little searching.

I had a few training sessions and learned a wealth of information. Search something like "USAW coaches in..".

Oly lifting is fun. Work on that wrist and hamstring flexibility.


I agree...try and find a USAW certified coach in your area. If that doesn't help, I remember searching through google for olympic lifting info and finding some good info through a website that may have been associated with the Queensland Weightlifting Club in Australia.

Also, there are plenty of members on here who I'm sure would be more than happy to help and they have a ton of personal experience. Good luck.


Finding someone to work with, either a partner or coach will be key to your success. Technique is the most important aspect of learning the O-Lifts, the weight will come.

If you know the proper way to perform the two lifts, then check out www.eteamz.com/idahoweightlifting
and go to the programs section there are several 12 week or 3 cycle programs to follow, some have macros bulit in to just plug in maxes and it does the percentages for you. Very good workouts using the concept of supercompensation.

Just a side note: Where are you located?

PM me with any questions I am USAW certified.


Depending on how your echnique is don't get too caughtup with % yet. The % only work if your technique is pretty consistent. Otherwise just stay at 80% of your 1RM and keep hammering it out. Once it is 'good' with that weight add an extra 2.5 or 5kg and see how it feels.

This is my basic 'cookie cutter' programme for most people. I basically did this for 2yrs. The assitance exercises would change depending on where my focus was for that cycle in that time of the year.

A: Snatch
Bar work
Lift: Snatch 3reps x 6sets
Assist: Snatch Balance 3reps x 4sets
Front Squat : 6reps x 5sets
Clean Pulls 3reps x 4sets | pulls to mid thigh if your a beginner.

B: C&J
Bar work
C&J 2reps x 6sets
Behind the Neck Jerk 3reps x 4-5sets
Rack Jerks 2reps x 4-5sets
Power Jerks 3reps x 4-5sets
Back Squats 6reps x 5sets
Snatch Pulls
Back exercise

Week1: 75-80% Starter week
week2: 80-85% Progressive week1
week3: 80-85% Progressive week2
Week4: 90-95% IMPACT: Drop the pulls, heavy OLifts, cut the reps and sets and work doubles
Week5: 70% cut the last set out, RECOVERY WEEK
Week6: 90-95% IMPACT week, same as above
week7: 80-85% Progressive week1
week8: 80-85% Progressive week2
Week9: 90-95% IMPACT week, same as above
Week10: 70% cut the last set out, RECOVERY WEEK
Week11: Test new PB's

This is my general template for most people. Unless I know more requirements it is hard to tailor it. It works and it works well. A lot of volume but you need volume to refine your lifts and your technique :).

Your new training cycle can focus on something else that will be highlighted in this training cycle:

Slow under he bar? Lifts from the hang, Snatch Balances,
Lack of power? Power lifts from the hang
Week Jerk? Rack Jerks, behind the neck power Jerks, power jerks, front squat then a split Jerk, jerk starts, jerk balances etc
Week off the floor? More pulls, isometric pulls in a squat rack with the pins set at various heights, bent over rows, halting pulls etc


Got to www.goheavy.com
There is an Olympic lifting board there and you can ask questions without fear of getting flamed :slightly_smiling: It is essential to get a coach, especially if you have designs on competing