Help Finding a T-Nation Training Article

Hello T-Nation,

I would like to ask you for a little bit of help.
Two or maybe tree years back I stumbled upon a ntraining article here on t-nation.
It was about training program that was fenomenal, and I tried it (even kept the journal about it), but some how I lost it. And now I cant find the article on t-nation, no matter what search I try.
The training was something like this:
It consist of two ciurcuits (each has from 3 to 5 excercises) of weight lifing excercises, where you set the goal for the numer od reps on all excercises, but you do as much as you can in frst round, and move on to the next excersise where you do as much as you can and so on, untill you finis all prescribed reps on all excercises for the first cuircle.
Then you have 60-90 sec of cardio (jumping jacks or burpyes).
And on to second cuircuit that has 4-5 excersises, but they are diferent from the ones in the first cuircle.
After that you do one more round of 60-90 sec cardio and you are done.

If anyone knows the name of the article or the training method I would weeeery much appreciate that" I’ve been looking for it on the interenet for like two weeks and still nothing, and I would like so much to try it again.

Merry Christmas to my favorite lifting comunity in the world!

Took a crack at searching for it, any chance its this?

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I don’t know if that’s what the OP was looking for, but it’s an article I’ve not read and it looks interesting. I’ve bookmarked it. Thank you for the link.

Thank you a milion time for your efort and help!!!
Yes that is the one! I am so glad I can go back to this training program now!
Thank you once again!!!

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