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Help Finding a Program?


Hi guys!!

This is my first post on this site, after reading for over more then a year all kinds of articles and post's at T Nation.

Now, i've been training for more then 5 years and had never any problems with progression and fatique. After a very bad back injurie, i wasn't able to train for more then a year. Right now i've recovered and want to start training again. The only problem is, i dont have a qlue what program is should follow.

Normally i was spending 3 days a week in the gym, doing a full-body (5*5) routine. I tryed it now, but it doesn't feel good. After 2 weeks of training, i'm just exausted. Then i skip training for a week and do it again. Offcourse i tryed to lower the intensity, but that didn't help either.

I've tryed to read articles again in order to make my self an better schedule. But i dont now what it is. I just can't figure somethink out. Maybe it has something to do with just being desperate after loosing more then 20 pounds of muscle, and hoping for very quick results:( Ofcourse it has also something to do with my self discipline. It just seems i need some results to have that feeling again, that you cannot wait to go to the gym again:D

So what should i do? Stick to Full-body or swith to a split routine? And does anybody reconizes these problems?


Maybe you're doing too many sets ? how long is each workout lasting?

I was currently feeling the same way with fatigue. Its usually when i call on prework and creatine :slight_smile: gives that kick for another 4 weeks before a de-load wk ( usually deload between 8 and 12 wks )


I'm doing 5 sets of 5 reps. So it will take 1,5 hour to compleet my workout. My workout looks like this:

barbell Row
Biceps curls (4*8)
Triceps extensions (4*8)

And i'll repeat this training another 2 times that week, with shuffeling between excercises.

But you're advising me to take creatine?


Sorry man, but if you're truly busting your ass off with those excersises listed, no wonder you've experienced fatigue...

I love full body, upper-lower, push-pull-lower type workouts, but I think if someone is decent, then doing squats-dedads-bench-military with such a high volume and frequency is a good way to say goodbye to progress in no time.

If I were you, I'd cut down on the volume, OR switch to another split where I'd work muscles less frequently.

Especially if you are all out on those sets... Just my opinion, you would probably want to search for articles on full body training if you are to continue doing what you are doing currently..

such as this:


(thanks to 1morerep, who posted this in another thread ;o)




So you're doing all the big lifts for a 5X5 three days a week? Way too much in my opinion. You need a good starting strength program, keep a workout log, stay consistent. Supplements are not your limiting factor by a longshot. Here's an example of an upper/lower split: Mon - Underhand Bent Over Row, Incline DB Bench, Wide-grip Lat Pulldown, Weighted Dips, Reverse Crunches, Side Planks Wed - Deadlift, Bulgarian Split-Squat, Goblet Squats, Cable Wood Chops, Plank Fri - repeat monday The next week you would start off with the "B" workout (Deadlifts etc.) Once again, this is just a quick example. There are no quick results, it's hard work and takes time. Stick to the big lifts and program some assistance work around them, get proper sleep and nutrition.


Thats 35 sets per workout 3 times per week for someone who's been layed off for a yr! not good man. You need to lower the volume, to say 20 sets per workout and maybe change your split to upper body/lower body or push/pull. With you having lost all that muscle it should be pretty easy to put it back on so dont get too caught up with it. How's your nutrition? that could also be a contributing factor. give us an example of what your eating on a typical workout day and a non workout day...maybe we can help


Thanks guys for all of the comments. It's just the mindset to do more, if you want quick results. But that is unfortunatly not the way it works:D I will lower my volume...

My nutrition is on training day's:

Breakfast(07.00): 1 cup oat, 500 gram curds, 1/2 cup blue berries, 1 scoop whei

10.00: 120 gr. roasted chicken breast, 20 grams nuts, 3 capsules visoil, 250 grams of veggies

12.30: 1 cup cottache cheese, 1/2 cup blue berries

15.00: 120 gr. lean beefmeat, 250 grams of veggies, 20 grams of nuts, 3 capsules visoil

18.00: pre-workout shake
19.30: post-workout shake

1e post-workout meal: 120 gr. white rice, 6 egg's (2 yolk's), orange en yoghurt (250 gr)
2e post-workout meal: 2 sweat potato's, 12o gr. roasted chicken breast, 250 gram veggies

On none training day's i do 6 meals whith only in the morning carbs.

Is it a good plan?


You can't go wrong with 5x5 when you are building a foundation if you are exausted why not train only 2 times a week eg deadlift & press on monday and squat & bench on friday.