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Help Finding a Doctor in Northern New Jersey


In New Jersey you can’t get bloodwork without a doctor’s script. I need help finding a doctor that will write scripts for bloodwork so I’m not flying blind with my cycles. Should I look for Endos or what? Any suggestions? Can this be discussed in the open forum? If not I can speak with someone off forum. I really don’t want to shoot in the dark and have stupid conversation after stupid conversation with doctors who don’t know what their talking about.



You don’t need a doc for blood work tests. You can do it online through a number of providers.


Perhaps I wasn’t clear in my original post: it is against the law to get bloodwork done without a doctor’s script in new jersey. And all the online providers I’ve looked at won’t service you if you are from New Jersey or a few other States that have this same law.


Bump for this thread. I’m considering starting TRT and looking for a good TRT Dr. in central/ northern Jersey or at least one that will give me a script for the tests I want done. Most Drs in Jersey are a bit of a hassle to deal with when it comes to this stuff.