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Help Finding a Chart Please.

Guys, I just need some help finding a chart. I remember seeing it in one of the articles. For the passed two days i’ve been going over most of the articles on here and I cant seem to find it.

I can not remember whom the article was written by.

It’s a chart of all different training stages from beginner to advanced including times.

Example of this would be
1st year of training you’re considered a beginner, 1-2 years etc.

If any of you know what I?m talking about please direct me to this article or at least a similar chart.

Thanks for your time.

Well, I’ve started working on my own chart. I just want to have something available for those beginners who expect to see major changes in their body composition within the 1st 2 month of training.

If any of you can help me build an accurate chart, that would be awesome.


Here is the Chart, I’m not sure why it didn’t come up in my previous thread.

That doesn’t seem very accurate, most people are stuck in a perpetual state of intermediateness.

They’re well past beginner, but not quite advanced.