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Help Find A Gym In Houston


I'll be moving to the West Houston area in the next few weeks and I'm looking for a good t-gym in the area. Anyone here know of any?


Whereabouts are you moving exactly?


I'll be in the I-10 and Hwy 6 area.


Most gyms today suck. The only one that I enjoyed training at (and one that seemed to attract a good deal of famous people passing through and competing bodybuilders) was the 24 Hour Fitness near the Galleria. The people are who make a gym "serious" or not.


Hank's gym is great.



What makes it better?


the only ones (i know of) in my area are the nasa gym and 24 hour fitness. both are more inclined towards gerbil-like soccer moms who do better with running on a wheel and eating low-carb health pellets. at least the nasa one is free for me :\


Lee Labrada trained there.


Aight Rah-nee, i finally registered JUST TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION. One to One on Richmond and Hilcroft is THE place to train in houston. WHY? simple, many competitors train there, from bodybuilding, figure, fitness, MMA, triathletes, etc. Its all business when you step in the gym as everyone there is working their ass off.

You wont find the guy reading "war and peace" sitting on the bench in between sets nor will you find women wandering around clueless. hell, most of the women in there could out train the men in nearby 24 hour fluffness.

It is a personal training gym but you dont need to hire a personal trainer to work there. oh, and the trainers themselves are in shape and compete. did i happen to mention that my trainer there is John "THE TANK" Sherman? yeah, the dude sorta kinda knows a bit about bodybuilding i'd say.

he just started to compete again and at this past ny pro in may he placed 10th...not bad for someone who is 41 and did his first show in several years. He'll be competing at the Europa in august and will do much better. So, thats my .02 buddy. check it out, oh, last thing, rates are VERY reasonable too, cheaper than 24 hour at least. later


Sounds awsome


What's the website and address?


The 24 on Richmond or Westheimer?


No, the One to One gym.


Which Nasa gym? You are getting freakisly close to my area. If not my gym!