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Help Figuring Out Which Plan


I am trying to figure out which one of the following would be better, really appreciate the help.

Example Bench
week 1: work up to 5 rep max week 2: work up to 3 rep max week 3: work up to 1 rep max

Should I bench for the 3 weeks then a deload week, then the next 3 weeks 1 board press
then for the next 3 weeks 2 board press, then after deload start over with bench

Or should I bench up to a 5 rep max then a 1 board set, then a 2 board set.

Thanks for the help.


How long have you been training? Are you working up to a competition? What are your goals? What altitude do you train at? Does your mother's maiden name start with the first, or last, half of the alphabet?

There is no "best" or "better". "Starting Strength" is good for someone just starting out and "5/3/1" is good for someone who's been training for a number of years. They're both "better".