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HELP - Fat Nips!


Been working out for about 2 years and have been able to put on about 10-15 pounds of muscle and at a point last year I had my bf% under 10%. I have always had these bigger than normal nipples but it was this weekend after drinking a ton on friday, I woke up with the puffiest nipples of my life.

I am aware of the condition of gynecomastia and I am sure I am susceptible or might even have it. I would like to mention I do not have any hard glandular tissue under my nipple...just very puffy and soft fat. I am not sure what my bf% is but I still have fat deposit in lower abs, butt, and chest but other that that im very lean.

I have been working on gaining weight and have not done much cardio in the past 2 months and wonder if its because of gaining fat on top of my developing pecs...at least I hope.
What I am most concerned with is whether or not I'll be able to lose this without surgery. I can't believe how bad they appear today.


I would have to guess either low testosterone or high estrogen. I'm pretty sure you can get tested for that. Do you eat much soy?


Not the right forum for this - you'd get better responses in Nutrition and/or the Steroid forum.

I never had gyno, but did have some puffiness - although to nowhere near the extent as your picture.

For me, nutritional intervention was enough to completely alleviate the problem. Your mileage may vary.

What I found helped:

-ZMA taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

-DIM and Calcium D Glucarate. DIM is pretty hard to find on its own - often you can find it in formulations intended for menopausal women. In very basic terms, it won't do much for overall estrogen levels, but it will prevent estrogen from converting to a "bad" metabolite (which can cause gyno, estrogenic fat distribution, moodiness, etc) and instead promotes it coverting into a "much less bad" metabolite. This is the reason you find it in menopausal formulas - it occupies E receptors with a less active metabolite, which can help prevent breast cancer...

-Flax Seed (Cold milled) - The lignans in this share some similarities as DIM in regards to their action. Get the seed, not the oil

-Eat lots of lightly-steamed broccoli ---> high Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) which metabolizes into DIM

Give this a try. It's not particularly expensive and has worked wonders for a lot of people. Even if it doesn't work for you, all this stuff is good for you anyway...


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