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HELP!!!!! Fat Loss or Weight Gain?


My first day on the site and i've basically been reading all day and still cant find an answer. I'm 5"6 and 143lb of just fat. so i wanna knw if i should do moderate wieghts, cardio. and a diet to lose weights. or shoould i start bulking up 1st?

any advice wanted :slight_smile:


Have you ever lifted weights before?

If not, do that and eat a clean but sufficient diet. Your body will inevitably change.

If you do this for 3 months and continue to see unsightly fat, integrate some moderate cardio.


Yes just do a little of everything right now, especially eating good. In 3 months it should be more clear what you need to do. The important thing is to stick with it. You may be one of the millions of people who can't stick with a focused fitness routine so make sure your not one of them first (only time will tell), then start worrying about the other details.


i have done wieghts before and im currently doing it . but i have no plans or objectives. ive been doing light wieghtlifting for months but no big changes. i juss wanted to knw if its better todrop excess fat b4 startin the bulk up


i would say yes...

the leaner you are to begin, the longer you can bulk with out being uncomfrtable w/ accumulated body fat

what is your lifting routine? days/body parts... you said you've been lifting "light"? that wont help you, you gotta bust your ass every time you get in the gym.

what is your diet? grams of each macro, total calories etc...


no diet at all i was on an eat all diet :slightly_smiling: . but starting this week monday im planing to hit the gym hard high volume low reps around 5 to start with 3 days a week. after a lot of reading i chose to bulk up for 2 months then if there are results then i will cut fat.


Clean up the diet and start lifting and you will drop fat and gain muscle since you experience is low. Dont worry about cutting or bulking. Just get on a program and smart food choices for a solid amount of time.

No sense in cutting if your all fat you will end up looking terrible


Lift, eat, sleep and be consistent

See you next year.

You didn't search very well if you couldn't find the answer.

Beginner section, all stickies.


... and the worst thing that could happen is he fixates on this:

[b]i would say yes...

the leaner you are to begin, the longer you can bulk with out being uncomfrtable w/ accumulated body fat[/b]

then eats like a bird, tries to go balls out in the gym but can't because he doesn't eat, then proceeds to do some form of cardio to waste away whatever little muscle he has.


lol, really?

you can take any piece of advice given in this thread and skew it's possibilities into a worst case scenario


and if the OP realized that and learned how to think things through, that would be good


I had a long post written out but i think if you threw up a picture it would make the advice everyone is giving a little more unanimous?

you might not be as fat as you think therefore people would probably tell you to bulk

if you really are very fat at 145 then we could go from there

throw up som pics if you want the best advice



good point


If my original post wasn't enough...

Keep the diet moderate and CLEAN. Eat enough to satisfy you, but do it with foods low or devoid of malnutritional content - i.e. unhealthy fats, processed carbs, etc.

Chicken breasts, fruits, diet beverages, water, etc. are your best friends.

Start lifting hard and heavy. Calculate your 1RM and start lifting things close to it. Once you can lift those things easily, add weight to the bar.

Try a program that's strength oriented, i.e. 5/3/1, 5x5 stronglifts, etc. I find that setting tangible performance goals and exceeding them leads to inevitable body composition changes.

It's not that hard. Do the things that seem right and assess your progress.

Since you're new, your body will change dramatically, and the fat will be dropped significantly.


Do everything except "bulk". Like I said above, eat until you're full, but don't bother stuffing your face. The caloric excess will contribute to nothing but unsightly fat gain.

Man, I can't believe I'm getting this persistent about this...sorry if I sound like a broken record player.


My diet is bad so if i just change it to a lesssugar more protien diet i think it'll drop wieght on its own overtime and ive decided to start lifting straight away


Sounds good. Start a training log you can update daily.