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Help: Fat Fast/Velocity Opinions


I am going to preface this by saying that I used to be fairly athletic, but with career choice(restaurant manager), long hours and a family, my wife and I have put on a tremendous amount of weight, especially after the birth of our third child.

I will start with me, since the wife isn't ready to post her info.

I am 5'7 1/2" tall and as of Monday the Monday the 8th, I weighed 279.8 lbs.

What I have done is started the fat fast with myself and my wife, with the intention of moving to the velocity diet in 2 weeks. Mostly for motivation to see the fat lost.

The plan is as follows:
meals: We are blending GNC 100% Whey and GNC Mega whey for our shakes. My wife is doing 1 scoop of each for 5 meals, I am doing 1 scoop of 100% and 2 of Mega 5 times per day, 6 on leg day. Each meal we alternate between flax seed oil and cocunut oil(MCT).

Before her first shake(she started on Friday August 12th) she takes 1 Fahrenheit, 1 betaine(she has liver concerns) and a gnc cla.
I take a HOT-ROX, and a cla. with the first shake we both take a coQ10 and hw\er a 1/2 of a centrum and me a 2 gnc mega men.

After working out we both take a calcium pill, and eat an apple with our shake and oil. I also take 1 tsp of micronized creatine.

the rest is simply shakes and alternating the oil. she takes her other 1/2 of centrum after lunch, I take my other 2 mega men vitamins. Before bed we both pop a 5-HTP and I take a ZMA.

She consumes a minium of 1 gallon of ice water, I do about 1.5 gallons.

I fell off and cheated on Thursday, and the wife and I agreed to commit to do this together.

I am doing pure resistance training this week, and will do some bike and treadmill next week. The wife is doing some treadmill and a little resistance training.

I am attempting to do 5 or 6 workouts per week for 30-45 minutes, as I work about 60-70 hours per week.

I had bio-electricl impedience done about 3 months ago and I was told I have about 212 lbs of muscle/skeleton and water.

After High School I was about 185 with a 2 pack.
I belive that if I can maintain the muscle under the fat, I coulb be about 220 and be fairly
That is just theory though.

Currently the wife (in 2 days, has lost 2.6 lbs, I have lost 12.6 lbs(I started on Monday)am at 267.2 today.

My energy level is still good, I think in part to cocnut oil/flax alternation, the HOT-ROX, and the ZMA
We both however do have some "queasiness" in our guts.

I hust wanted to get some advice/results/opinions from others who have tried these diets. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Okay, I'm sort of kidding, but the queasiness might help keep you from wanting to eat... :wink:

More serioualy, when I did the velocity diet earlier in the year, I'd drink a diet coke or something and my stomach would be revolted enough that I wouldn't bother thinking about food for a while.

I really can't speak to substituting other supplements, but really would suggest just going for the diet the way Chris wrote it. He's put it together as a well constructed total plan, so if you tinker with the design, you may find it harder to comply with it or lose more muscle than you otherwise would.

Anyway, good luck. I know sticking with it can be brutal, but it will really kick start you with some progress and hopefully reset your eating habits for a good while afterward.


how long did you make it? What kind of results did you get? Any real loss of mucle?


I have decided to use this as a log as well.

Had my 3 year old home all day, so I couldn't do weights.

Did an hour and 20 minutes on the treadmill for just over 4 miles.

I was amazed my fat ass could go so long. Was a bit light headed when I got off for a minute, but feeling great now...

Monday morning paperwork tomorrow. Should be a 12 hour day.

Will attempt tri's, bi's and forearms in the morning before work


Hmm, if I remember correctly I dropped about 13 pounds but my max weights didn't go down... so I shouldn't have lost much muscle at all.

I only went for between 2 and 3 weeks though. When I'm low on calories like that I find I'm less able to concentrate (which I do for a living) and can get grumpy (which I can do anyway).


Elroy, have you seen the velocity diet support group thread yet?

Vroom, I'm surprised you haven't mentioned it since you created it, but I think there's a newer one out there if I'm not mistaken (where you thanked the guy for starting it because you were about to start a new one).

I did a quick search and found the long thread here:



I don't know if the protein at GNC is cheaper (been a while since I had it), but Grow! tastes SOOOOOOOO much better. In my opinion, it'll be easier to stay on the diet if you have good tasting protein supplements.

Good luck!


Monday am 264.8
going to do arms, gey a shower and get to work


Good call. I was just about to say the same thing.

Plus, I wouldn't do this diet with whey protein alone; it digests way too fast to be your sole source of protein.

This is another reason, on top of better taste, to use Low-Carb Grow! The micellar casein (which is a slower digesting protein than whey) in Low-Carb Grow! will not only keep you fuller for longer, but it will help you maintain your lean body mass better due to the slower, more steady stream of amino acids leaving your gut.

Also, I noticed you trained arms two days in a row (if you indeed did get the workout in on the 14th). I'd highly recommend following the training program that Chris laid out in his Velocity Diet blogs/articles. You really want to focus on big, compound movements that involve that major muscle groups while on a diet like this.

Hope this helps and best of luck!


I am ordering the Low-Carb Grow!...Peer pressure's a bitch...
...however, it makes sense


Attay boy!

Looking forward to keeping an eye on this thread as you progess.


Will the Grow! reduce the "queasiness" ?
any thoughts about the coconut oil to help burn the fat?


The Grow! may indeed reduce the queasiness. I've experienced that feeling with some proteins, but not with Grow! Can't say for sure, of course...

If you feel that you aren't getting enough fat in your diet, you can, of course, take some coconut oil. I don't know about it helping to burn fat though.

Good luck!


Tuesday am 265.2 ...
gained .4 lbs, probable cause, a little, er, a, constipated this morning (didn'y do the metamucil yesterday) and I under estimated the water loss from the hour and 20 minutes on the treadmill...

Can't be dicouraged though. I followed up my weigh in with 30 minute and just over 1.55 miles on the treadmill. Getting ready to hit the shower and go to work....


Take a look at the V-diet thread, for me having some milled flax in my shakes made a hufe difference.

I don't know if it makes a difference but I also use coconut oil as another fat source.


Woke up in the middle of the night, cheated with some chunky peanut butter...
265 even this morning, feeling excessively bloated and sick to my stomach.
Will have to make up for it today...


264.6 I think I am going to move to weighing myself once per week, as after the excellent first week my fat loss is slowing... should help with the pyschological part of my motivation...
waiting for my Low-Carb Grow! and Maximum Strength HOT-ROX...