Help Evening Out My Arms

Hey T-Nation,
I am 16 yrs old, have been training and eating like a bodybuilder for about 14 months now, my gains have been pretty dramatic, I went from being a pretty scrawny kid to someone who obviously works out… a lot.

My dilemma is that I used to play competitive squash, and as a result my right bicep, tricep, forearm and lat were all waaaay bigger then the same muscles on the left side. My right side used to be a lot stronger but when training, I always started with the left side and only matched that with my right side, so now they are equally as strong, down to the last rep of the last set of a workout, but they have been growing at the same rate and even though I’ve added inches to both arms and massive gains in both width and thickness of lats, my left side is still the same amount smaller than my right.

Does anyone know how I could let my left side catch up in terms of size without making it stronger than my right?


Start playing squash with your left hand? :wink:

Train one side more. When it comes to aesthetics in bodybuilding you shouldn’t care about strength. The strength will eventually even out. Your symmetry should too.

People aren’t perfectly symmetrical. My right arm is 1/4" bigger than my left, that’s just how it goes. I’ve been told that I have great symmetry for bodybuilding, very few people can you split down the two and have mirror images.

Stay at it man and things should work themselves out.


My right bi is stronger


My left tri is stronger

Slight imbalances happen, dumbbell work will limit them.