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Help Estimating Calories


I need some help figuring out how many calories I'm eating. I apologize for the ignorance.

Breakfast - post workout - 2 scoops Low-Carb Metabolic Drive + 1 medium size banana. (300 calories)

Lunch - 1lb boneless skinless chicken breast grilled + 1 cup jalapeno peppers (600 calories?)

Dinner - 1lb london broil steak (cooked in crockpot so most fat is drained) + full dinner plate of broccoli or a whole bundle of asparagus or 6 large carrots (1200?)

Some cheating on the weekend and definitely more carbs.

This is supposed to be a gradual fat loss plan. Am I close on the calorie count?

Feel free to flame away but 1 or 2 helpful estimates would be greatly appreciated.


Don't apologize for the ignorance, apologize for not providing the information that is required to help you estimate your calories.

Typically calories are calculated based on lean body mass. So figure out your body weight and body fat percentage, then post it here and I'm sure someone can help you out

I remember reading somewhere that the following chart can be used:

6%-12% 17Kcal per pound of LBM
12.%-15% 16Kcal per pound of LBM
15.1%-19% 15Kcal per pound of LBM
19.1%-22% 14Kcal per pound of LBM
22.1% or above 13Kcal per pound of LBM

Use that as a baseline and then reduce calories until you start losing weight


I was really looking for an accurate estimate of how many calories are the in the food I posted but you're right, more info required as a general rule.

I'm 5'11.5" 200LBs guessing 15% BF - 40 yrs old.




You can find calorie information on numerous websites.
Fitday and CalorieKing are examples.
You could also google for the food ie "Chicken Breast Calories"


I did google and check a few sites. The issue is really the london broil, I can't find that type of steak specifically. The fat content is pretty low compared to other steak so there could be a 300 calorie or more difference. Fitday has it listed but the amount is one slice? I don't want to assume which is why I posted hoping someone already knows more specifically.


I believe it is typically top round, which you should be able to find on those sites.


why bother when you can post that sort of question here and wait for other people to do the serchin n maths for you . the op's been a member since 2007 so in those 4 years he still hasn't worked out where to find calories n macs WTF .


a good nerdy resource for basic agricultural foodstuffs is the usda database:



That is very helpful, thank you.


I guess you didn't see that I posted the numbers I came up with. Perhaps you should read posts more carefully before popping off like an ahole.


That is a good resource, thanks.


Did you bother to check out fitday?


Here's the site I use: http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/

As you'll see it's very thorough and has a TON of food selections. You can even adjust the portion sizes to your exact specifications.

You can also refer to the food labels of the foods you're consuming if available. The site above is great for items without food labels....veggies (not really necessary to track until you're really lean, if that's your goal), meats, fruit and all sorts of other items.

Put in the time and keep a food log. You can only estimate how many calories you're consuming for so long and still see results. At some point (as it seems you're at now), the details will matter.

  1. Figure out your maintenance caloric intake (probably right around where you're at now)
  2. Compile a list of the foods you're eating (I'm sure it's basically the same day to day) and their corresponding nutrient info according to portion sizes
  3. Determine which Macro percentages work best for you. Personally, I've had great success with 45% protein, 25% carbs (most of that peri-workout) and 30% fat. Start at just under your daily maintenance (200-500 cals below) and work from there. This will be different for everyone.
  4. Log all these details for at least a month. Yes, it's a pain in the ass, but I personally haven't found a better way. Chances are, if you're like most gym rats, you're a creature of habit and this won't be such a "big deal" after a while. It will be just another task you put time and effort into, while seeking the best out of your body and performance. You can them implement some sort of carb/calorie cycle to enhance your fat loss efforts, after you see a pattern develop through your logs. You'll be able to determine what approach allows you to get enough overall food and the percentages of each macro, they should be coming from.

Expect to be hungry at times. It's part of the fat loss process. Anyone who says you shouldn't be hungry or feel like shit from time to time, while focusing on fat loss, doesn't know what the hell they're talking about. Yes, you shouldn't be in deprivation mode until you're pretty damn lean (sub 10'ish), but it will still be part of the process, even at higher body fat levels.

Hope that helps.


Good post, thanks for your input.

You're exactly right about me being at that point. I've made good progress not worrying too much about my diet other than eating enough and eating good clean food. Last year when I cut in the spring I lost too much lean body mass. I was happy with the level of leanness but ended up smaller than I thought I would. I've made some good gains over the fall and winter and don't want to give it back while dieting down. A log of everything I'm eating every day sounds like a good start. I also know I need to lose the weight more slowly this time which is why I've been trying to be more precise calorie wise.